Blog Portfolio III: Wait, I Have a Blog?!

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I know, I was surprised too!  Joking aside, I have been disgustingly busy for the past three weeks.  I've had to write papers, papers, and in my spare time, even more papers!  When I'm not working on the next great American essay, I'm learning how to link to my 1up blog  and write poetry about iPads. Sadly, it doesn't look the essay train is going to stop anytime soon, so you're probably going to see a drop in the number of entries I post.  Let me just say to my fans (all zero of you) that I am extremely frustrated by these circumstances, and I'll try to do my best.  If I don't meet quota, I would advise my fans to resist the urge to cry your phathom tears in your pillows.  Instead, grab the nearest bucket and cry into that.  No one likes a wet pillow. 



[no one commmeted on my blog : (  ]


My Street Fighter skills didn't just appear out of thin air. I learned them.


The new trailer for L.A Noire reminded me of another long-lost game [couldn't get a link from the 1up site]

Outside Material:

Did I mention that L.A Noire?


I still can't believe I wrote a poem about the iPad


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