Blog Portfolio IV: The Last Days

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You knew this day would come. Your pleads have been heard, but I cannot fulfill them. Everything must end, and that includes blogs.  Yes, we have reached the last blog portfolio.  The Mecha-Griffin, whose clockwork heart was bursting with playfulness, is now at rest (for now).  However, don't think I've wasted my last few weeks for this blog.  In its final days, the Mecha-Griffin has taught you and me the structures behind computer language and CSS.  In a way, the steel giant's desire to teach to us more about technology almost reminds me of Mr. Rogers.  Of course, Mr. Rogers never learned how to shoot lasers out his eyes, so the Griffin has an advantage on him. 


Ol' Patrick wanted to know why some people thought GT5 was a disappointment.


My disscussion on HTML was quite helpful.


Auto-rhyme is fun.

Outside Material:

 Moleskine notebooks and PETA.


I attempt to explain CSS.


Hype and the question of disappointment.

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