About the CC License

I give explicit permission to anyone making derivitives of my work to disregard the attribution clause of the license on the following conditions:

  1. The work is a derivitive and not a duplicate.
  2. The derivitive work is not attributed to anyone.
  3. The derivitive work is not created for profit.
  4. The author of the derivitive work shares the work under the same terms that I have extended to him/her.

Why I decided to do this

I am all about free expression. I would feel honored if someone was inspired by my work. I believe no one has the right to own ideas. Truth is a collection of universal principles (whether temporal or eternal) for us to discover and share, but not to hoard. That being said, I believe my discoveries should not be limited to my name or anyone's name. When pursuing truth and meaning, it is EXTREMELY irrelevent who finds what, but rather the fact that it is discovered. I want to spread this understanding. So, if you see something that strikes a chord in you somehow, but you find a different or better way to express it, go for it! I don't claim to own these ideas. Nor do I claim that I was the first to think them. So long as you incorporate your own work and share under these terms, I have no problem with appropriating images, lines from poems or ideas. Who knows? Maybe I will inspire a movement?! or Someone will build something beautiful with my words and images?! Who am I to stop that from happening?


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