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January 6, 2006

EL250 Blogging Portfolio

I have taken much out of EL250: Video Gaming thus far. I have shown various insights that my professor noticed. But, I should let my entries speak for themselves. At this point in my blogging portfolio, I have actively contributed both on the course blog and my own. I have deomonstrated with the following that I can cover all the angles of the issues:
Coverage-Entries that show engagement by displaying the ability to cover a topic thoroughly:
The Aesthetics of Video Games in a Postmodern World
Transcendance and Power in Tron
Reflection on Video Gaming I

With the necessity of understanding the material, I have risen to the occaision. Here are some entries that demonstrate my instrospectiveness toward the material.

Depth-Entries that demonstrate the ability to cover a topic in depth:
A Rape in Cyberspace and a Need to Redefine

Lastly, interaction is needed to understand the material. Peers can help answer questions, give new insights and even challenge. Here are some discussions that really helped me or others.

Interaction-Entries that show engagement in the readings through interaction:
Replayability in Movies

But I feel my greatest accomplishment is that it's week 1 and I'm still alive! ;')

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