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"Writing literature is an exercise of the imagination."

Upon reading this weeks interlude and chapters 12 & 14 I am most intrigued by chapter 14.  On page 123, "writing literature is an exercise of the imagination" , this quote is very true.  We worry about exercising our bodies but what about our minds?  If there were no imagination in this world, and the many different kinds at that, it would prove to be a very dull one.  On page 124 "but count on it, the writer is up to something.  How do we know what he's up to?  That's another job for imagination."  This is very interesting to me as we are learning the tools to close read and analyze literature throughout this course it comes of no surprise, I believe, that imagination plays a huge role.  If we only rely on what is written and not look beyond those words and actions do we really see what the writer is trying to convey to the reader?  I obviously was not...and am trying to practice this as we go on.  Since we are all  based on our different cultures, beliefs and our own values, we are going to for sure rely on what our minds as to what will we come up with in trying to interpurt what they are writing about.   It brought me back to that show, imagination station...are we all on board with our imagination?   


"Writing literature is an exercise of the imagination." ...are we all on board with our imagination?

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