Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there!

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In reading this weeks prologue-1 I found many amazing concepts and theories that Ellison has this narrator tell us.  In the prologue on page 3 it starts out with the title of the book as well as the setting of the tone with the statement by Ellison, "I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me."  This statement made me think of that just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there.  Are we not learning in close reading that we may not "see" many things in just reading, but when close reading we "see" a different side to many things?  Yes we do, "A matter of the construction of their inner eyes, those eyes with which they look through their physical eyes upon reality." (3) We can see many things in our lives, and we can pretend that we didn't see it if we do not acknowledge it.  Can you convince your conscience though of this?  I believe that Ellison had the narrator of this story feel these types of emotions, because even though he wants to insist on being invisible to please the white folks, his dead grandfather's wish was to learn the younguns that their life is war.  So even though this narrator wants to be invisible, society is not going to let him.  "I remember that I am invisible and walk softly so as not to awaken the sleeping ones.  Sometimes it is best not to awaken them; there are few things in the world as dangerous as sleepwalkers."  (5)  In this statement, does it not speak to many people's emotions that yes we all can walk through life and try not to disturb the sleepwalkers, but where does that get you?  With disruption it is viewed as bad, but if disruption did not happen how can many historical events have changed the world?  It is easy to just walk on by in a state of sleep or slumber, but it is the ones who are awake and react to the world that seems to offer change.  "I believe in nothing if not in action."  In order to sometimes change the world you have to be willing to be seen and take action.  In Chapter 1 however has quite a disturbing start, with the Grandfather dying and his curse that was put on the narrator along with the awful brutality of the battle royal.  This chapter was very upsetting to read and understand that this is fiction, but didn't fiction authors many times take real situations and put their twist on it?  So to imagine that this happened, and probably worse things during this era was quite alarming and sad to read.   "All dreamers and sleepwalkers must pay the price and even the invisible victim is responsible for the fate of all."  (14) We are all responsible in the end, whether we want to believe we are visible or invisible and will either act or react to the situations in life.  

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