Portfolio 1 - Learning to Bog and look beyond what is in front of us.

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Portfolio 1 - Learning to Bog and look beyond what is in front of us.


This blog entry is to show what I have been able to post in response to my on reflections as well as others in the literature that we are reading in American Literature 1915-Present EL267.  But not without great difficulty, and still apparently I am still having some troubles.  It is not due to lack of trying, because God only knows I am trying, but here is the best I can do.  This class has opened many new ideas, blogging for one, which as most see I am still struggling with, learning how to close read as well as to understand how textual evidence over the faith and emotional responses is the key.  Trying to put something into a thesis as a non-obvious versus obvious is also been quite a challenge.  I am including my dates if the trackbacks do not work, I apologize, but I am trying and that is all I can say.  The blogging is great but I am just having a lot of difficulty with it, giving much frustration at times for myself.


Coverage and Timeliness

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" (1/30)

Imagination Station (2/6)

"All happy families are the same, but every unhappy one has its own story."  Really? (2/20)

 The devil, Gila monster, and California, what's your poison? (2/26)




Rose Knows All (Jennifer Prex's blog 2/19)

Foster's helping me cheat (Sara Benaquista's blog 2/20)

Pluck it from the sky (April Minerd's blog 2/21)




Loss of Innocence (2/6)

Nine month's...and counting! (2/14)

Rose of Sharon, blossoms into nobel knowing women? (2/20)




A Turtle in Disguise (Aja Hannah's blog 2/19)



Georgia, I can find all these entries in your blog if I hunt for them, but for your next portfolio, please make the title of each blog entry into a link that goes to that page on your blog.

You already know how to make a link since you're doing it for the trackbacks, so it's really no different to make a link to take your readers back to your older entries.

You've come a long way, and I really enjoy your contributions. I'm happy to help if you need a refresher for the next time you submit a portfolio.

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