Roethke, paranoid, of even plants?

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In reading Roethke's poems for the selection of poems for this week I found it very interesting that so many of these poets were all manic depressants, alcoholics and other conditions.  So it was surprising that they said Roethke was "among the happy poets" when he had a manic condition such as schizophrenia that worsened as he grew older.  He was in tune with nature, that is obvious  in his poems.  The fact that his father and uncle owned a greenhouse I can see where the poem Child on Top of a Greenhouse came from.  This poem was very short and still yet a bit confusing as to his meaning.  As to why would a child be on top of a greenhouse, although I am seeing it as though Roethke saw himself as a schizophrenic person that he always felt watched, as you would be able to see all through a glass house.  I took that this meaning that he as a child growing up in an natural environment with nature and plants looked at everything with a bit of paranoid feelings, even nature.  With his condition, the phrase "The half-grown chrysanthemums string up like accusers", and also "And everyone, everyone pointing up and shouting!", both of these phrases depicts how Roethke probably went through much of his life, paranoid that of mostly everything. 

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