See the wonder, realize the danger, than react, run for safety!

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Too pretty, dreamlike mimicry!

O falling fire and piercing cry

and panic, and a weak mailed fist

clenched ignorant against the sky!

In reading Elizabeth Bishop's poems it is obvious that she was, as indicated, very meticulous in her writing.  The fact that they stated she wrote "plainspoken" and " an unmannered originality of simplicity" just  seems strange that she, even with poor health, wasn't about writing of misery.  Her poem The Armadillo seemed to speak as many per the blogs interpreted of meteorites, or possibly a volcanic eruption.  There was also reference to fireworks even, but the fire balloons reference makes me lean more toward the thought of meteorites due to her references of other signifiers such as "Last night another big one fell.  It splattered like an egg of fire".  My interpretation of Elizabeth's use of words in this poem makes me think that we all like to watch meteors, which can be so beautiful and mesmerizing but we also forget the damage and devastation it can cause upon impact.  The reference to the displaced and hurt animals seemed to show that it could have even been even a volcano erupting due to the reference of "a handful of intangible ash with fixed, ignited eyes".  The emotions you feel is wonder at first, than you start to see the danger, and then the remorse sets in and reflection can bring on frustration with the amazement of nature and how it works whether it is a meteor hitting the earth or a volcano erupting.  We stand in astonishment at the wonder, but than realize you need to run for safety, doesn't this seem to relate to many feelings or emotions humans feel and the reactions as well? 

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