Survival can be hard to live with...

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Survival can be hard to live with...(3)


This statement by Jeanine shows that Miller is expressing through this character that life is hard.  It is harder to stay here in this world and try to survive than to make a choice to end your life by committing suicide.  The suicide answer is a quick and, if successful, final result for that person.  In everyday survival in life this is not the case however.  We all struggle with our own issues day in and out, and we often feel that our life is like chaos.  Miller has Felix say on page 7 that, "Tragedy is my life".  I am sure we all have often felt this way one time or another...but if we continue feeling this way it can spiral downward into a depression that can result into suicide thoughts or even attempts.  However, as Henri sees where he has gone wrong, by this unfortunate event of Jeanine trying to commit suicide, but failed.  This has given Henri the opportunity to try to make up for it.  He now realizes what he has done, "I think I never really saw what I meant to her.  Sitting with her day after day now...for the first time I understood my part in her suffering.  I betrayed her Felix, It's terrible." (14)  In our own lives we all have felt betrayed by someone we love, at some point.  This feeling seems to resonate throughout the play.  Especially in the end when the figure, man, son of god, is trying to decide whether he should come down and pay the price of committing his own suicide for the people's salvation.  Henri, "Whoever you are! - I thank you for my daughter's return to life.  And before your loving heart I apologize for ignoring her for so many years, and for having led her in my blind pride to the brink of destruction." (109)  I believe that we all can relate very much to this play, we all know we conduct our own lives so very busily that we don't take time to see and appreciate what we have and greed in whatever form, over comes us inevitably. 


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