Portfolio 2 - Rewind the 2nd half of the semester

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Portfolio 2 - Rewind the 2nd half of the semester


Presented below is my second portfolio for American Literature 1915-Present.

I found the blogging to be a great concept and a way to interact with our peers about our weekly readings, however I did find it extremely difficult to keep up with the workload.  I don't know if it was just me, but as an adult in this class while trying to maintain my personal obligations and my other classes, while working full time, it was tough keeping up with the amount of reading, therefore my blogging was not as strong as I wish it could have been.  It is not an excuse, simply life, but all I can say is I tried my best, and as long as I know I gave what I could while keeping up with other responsibilities I still feel proud, even if it doesn't compare to others that seem to have posted a lot more.  I wish I could have done more, I did enjoy the readings, and I have a new appreciation for literature, and my main goal was to make sure I did get the readings completed, even it not always on schedule.  I can say I did try!



Save the Family! Chelsie Bitner 3/14

A Historical Lens Alyssa Snow 3/19

Killing time or everything else! What will work? 3/26

See the wonder, realize the danger, than react, run for safety! 3/26

Uh oh...I'm in trouble Matthew Henderson 3/21

Turtle Better Than Yacht Owners? Jennifer Prex 3/21

Madness Christopher Dufalla 3/22

Roethke: In A Dark Time Quinn Kerno 3/23

Painful Reminder April Minerd 3/23

Roethke, paranoid, of even plants? 3/26

Plath, a young talent with pain and depression that evolved into death 3/26

Survival can be hard to live with...4/27



Do I need new specs? Christopher Dufalla 3/11

Getting the most out of it, but not through your own eyes! 3/20

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there! 3/27



Evil or just a threat?  Nikita McClellan 3/14

Altering Fixed Positions Rosalind Blair 3/19

Keeping in Mind the Big Picture Marie Vanmaanen 3/23




Coldest Day in August, really? 3/15

Marked in more ways than one. 3/15

It's not all a wash...2/23 



Keep it Simple Rebecca Marrie 3/16

Symbolism Embolism Joshua Wilks 3/23

When Myths go Awry Alicia Campbell 3/23


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