November 05, 2004

Yellow Wallpaper

when I read this story it brought up many different ideas. I think people can have mixed feelings when it comes to The Yellow Wallpaper. People will either agree with john or disagree with john. Some people show pity for the woman and others don't show one bit of sympathy for the woman. In this book there were many problems that stood out to me. The first was how Jane seemed depressed. She often suffered hallucinations and was scared of what john was going to say if he found out sertain things that she was doing. She was not allowed to write in her journal and it was forbidden in the house to do so. She was completely depended on john and his sister.

Gradually, Jane got worse and worse until finally she had a nervous breakdown. There is no conclusion to the end of the story and I think it was meant to be that way. I think this story was written because it shined light on women that were in that same situation. Years later we have found out that the Jane most likely suffered from post partum depression, which is because she had recently gave birth.

I find no reason to criticize john's behavior in this story because in the late 1800's that is how men behaved towards women. He did at times treat Jane as if she was his child and showed childish actions towards her. The world was different back then and john's behavior was accepted. He worked hard and supported his family so I also assume that john was praised for how he helped his wife. He tried to make her better, he rented out a summer house so she could recuperate and treated her with the medicine that he thought would help her best, he asked his sister jenny if she would help out with the baby and he did this all for jane.

Yes, sometimes John did dismiss the ideas that jane had. He would not let her switch rooms, he would not let her write in her journal and he did not permit jane to go outside. All of these rules probably did help jane's condition get worse, but john was nothing other then a typical male of his time. I do not think that jane felt like she was being treated unfairly and she was the one who had to deal with john's rules. In my opinion, this was simply a story told because the author had suffered post partum depression and she thought it would give light to the audience that read this short story.

Posted by GinaBurgese at November 5, 2004 03:42 PM
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