December 1, 2004


To cover the In-depth articles, I chose the stories that I felt I could find different meanings to and try and give reasons as to why the characters behaved the way that they did. The first story that I chose to cover the in-depth articles was The Yellow Wallpaper. The reason I chos ethis was because I think that there were many different interpretations that were brought up in class. I thought it would be a good story to express my true feelings on. The second story I chose was The Girl of the Golden West. This play was very easy for me to talk about because I had done a lot of work to understand it so I would be able to present it to my classmates for my portfolio. And lastly, I chose The Legend of John Henry mainly because it had showed sucha strong charcter. It sent out the right meaning and I wanted to put my input on the legend.

To cover the Interaction requirements of this blogging portfolio I decided to include Huckleberry Finn in this category. It was very easy to get peoples opinions because most of the calss had already read the assigned text. It was east to write about because my calssmates show simple, clear, oragnized thoughts about the book. I also chose The Devil's Dictionary because I could not help being amused by what people had wrote on the blogs about this text. I think I had such a mellow reaction to this "dictionary." I personally think that Bierce wrote this for just And finally I chose to discuss The Killing of Crazy Horse. I thought that this story was very touching. I liked how the author described the events in details and it was fun to read.

Zenoblogging I chose to comment on Renee's Blog and Jessica's Blog. I think that they both had similar ideas to me and I wanted to put my input into their heads..!

And lastly I chose to include my blog on "God is Just Pretend" because it was written months ago and people are still commenting on it. Some of their comments made me think about my opinions and see if I was looking at the world through rose colored glasses!

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