February 22, 2005

Every Action has a Reaction

When reading, "The Dynamo and the Virgin" I couldn't help but notice the time period it was written in. This was a perfect time to assign this text because I am presently in a Western Cultures and Traditions class and it relates to this time period and occassionaly people are brought up that are included in the text. For example, we are reviewing what we know about Copernicus and Galileo, which are people that this story mentions.

I think this shows us how in-depth people look at science and the inventions that they create. If it weren't for people like Copernicus and Galileo or Columbus where would we be today? I think it was a good connections that they made between science and religion, because we do not see that often. The line that I think contributed most to this story was "The force of the Virgin was still felt at Lourdes, and seemed to be a potent as X-rays; but in America neither Venus nor Virgin ever had value as force00 at most as sentiment. No American had ever truly been afraid of either." That sums up the whole reading right there.

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I am also in WCT right now and I actually did some outside research on Henry Adams for this blog. I agree with you however that had the people of this time period not taken it upon themselves to move forward and try to conquer science than we would probably be without the internet right now. There is also a bad side to the coin too however. Had they not done what they did we could be stuck in the past, but without the polution problems that we have now.

Posted by: Tiffany at March 2, 2005 02:41 PM
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