February 28, 2005

World Trade Center

I am not a big fan of poetry, mostly because I never interpret it correctly ( I know there's no right interpretation, but mine is usually way off) but the poem "World Trade Center" caught my attention. This poem was unusual it had no hidden meaning and it's point was made right from the beginning. I do not know why this poem had such a strong effect on me, but it did.

This poem described more then just the two towers it showed pride that people in the United States had towards their country. No one likes when someone attacks what is ours and everyone wants to protect it. Like many of us, Lehman didn't realize how much he grow used to the building until something negative happened to them. He no longer was able to see what he disliked- he looked at the buildings in a different light.

I can not say that this poem completely hit home 1.) because I am not from New York and never really saw the buildings personally and 2.) because I did not have any immediate family that lost their lives when the towers were brought down for good. I think that this was a cool poem and it said alot even though it was only a few verses long.

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