March 01, 2005

My Thoughts for the Mid-Semester

I have read Bernice Bobs Her Hair quite a few times and I still continue to think that it is a great story. I had posted information about that BBHH that I thought was contributed to the story and I gave my opinion on the type of character that I thought Bernice was. I also picked "A Jury of her Peers" because, like BBHH, I read this story many times and I have my opion about why Martha and Mrs. Peters behaved the way that they did. There is not much else to say about it because it no longer is new to me so I'm not as interested in it as other stories that we have read. I also am going to include "The Adding Machine" because I did not give a complete in-depth blog because I wrote a paper about this story so I felt all talked or written out!

I picked "The Great Gastby" for my In-depth article because this is the story I thought the most about. I looked at the circumstances and tried to change the story around in every way. I came up with my opinion and I am very happy with the way that the book ended. I alos am going to include "The Dynamo and The Virgin" because I did outside reasearch to understand this story. It was not to hard to find information on Henry Adams and the time period that this story takes place because I am enrolled in a class that is giving us a detailed description of some of the people mentioned in this story. I also am going to included "To Brooklyn Bridge" because it was impossible to translate it! I had to look into the buliding of machines and what gases they used and that helped give me a more detailed vision of what the poem was actually trying to say. I also am going to include "Never Again would Birds' Song be the Same" because I researched outside information to help me translate and understand Frost's poem.

I pick my blog entry titled "Daddy" to cover my Interaction requirement. Karissa and I had a deep discussion on what many of the words meant and how they came into relation with the poem. I think "Daddy" was an extremely difficult poem to understand and I am not quite sure if I am comfortable with the interpretation I came up with. If it was not from the help with my research and peers I would not of been able to even come close to an interpretation. I also am going to include "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock " because I think I contributed this interpretation that had a good discussion in class and I got comments on it!

After interpreting many of the poems I went on other people's blogs and started to read what they had to say. First off, I liked Tiffany's interpretation of "World Trade Center" and "To Brooklyn Bridge." We different interpretations but I think both were great and with the help of some of her opinions I understood the poems better. The same thing happened with the interpretation of "Daddy." On Mary's blog she had a completely different version of what she thought happened in this poem and I thought it was brillant. I loved the fact that she gave me a different way to look at this poem.

For this section I would have to include some of thepoems that we just read. I had posted my thoughts and gave good examples of why I came up with the ideas that I did. I had all of the poems and my interpretations of what the poems meant to me posted several days before we had to discuss them. I want to include "In the old Age of the Soul" and "World Trade Center." I think that both of these poems are great and they have powerful unlying meanings. They both show us a side of people that they always do not show.

First off, I think Kayla's blog about "The Great Gatsby" was good to comment on because it was straight and to the point. She said exactly how she felt towards the book, so who can argu with that. She brought up a good point of rereading the material over again because it will help you see things that you haven't noticed before. I also liked what James had to say in relations to Machinal. He and I both had the same opinions about the mother and I wanted to assure him that he was not the only person that had hatred towards the mother when reading Machinal. I would also like to include Tiffany's blog to this section. I gave a long and thoughtful comment on her interpretation of "To Brooklyn Bridge" and "World Trade Center." I think she had good points even though they did nto agree with mine! I think everyone did a great job with there poem interpretations and I wish I had more time to comment but unfortunately we don't so...Good Job Everyone!

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Gina, I just found out that you were cited as an example of a successful student blogger, as part of "Encouraging Independent Learning with Tools and Methods that Students will Love", a resource put together by the University of California, Davis writing center.

The reference to your site is here:

Great work, Gina!

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