March 17, 2005

Streetcar named Desire

Ok, well now that I have had time to think about A Streetcar Named Desire I have to say I liked it, but I didn't get many feelings out of it. I think that the characters were picked for a reason- diversity - was what Williams had to have want. I liked the relationship between Blanche and Stella because they were so different. Like I said in class, I don't think that Blanche was harmfully trying to put down Stella I think that she was very upset by the conditions that Stella was living in. Or, like many people have said Blanche could of just been a mean person who was very resentful towards her sister and did not want to see Stella as happy as she was.
I liked that the play was taken place around a poker table, because I got a picture of men playing, which is a pretty strong sense of character when your trying to envision the life and personality of the characters. I think Stanley was excellent! He was mean to everyone but only apologized to Stella when he crossed the line. He was violent and then apologized to Stella...(not saying its right but when the women takes a man back that hits her, well then it becomes both of thier fault)
And Stella played a typical female of the time period. She was happy and wanted children and wanted to have a nice house and stay with her husband and never saw anything the real way that it was. Stella went throught life wearing rose colored glasses. I'm sure that Stella could of had a better life, but she thought hers were perfect. She had a way about her that could let her hide the truth from everyone including herself.
In the end, I think that it was a good play because there was much action and alot of details were given to help envision the setting. The characters were great and the story line was interesting.

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