September 30, 2005

Blogging Portfolio

Coverage: To satisfy my coverage entry I chose "Earnest and His Importance."

Depth: To cover my 'depth' requirement I chose my blog entry titled, "Understanding Stories: Up Close and Personal." I wrote about how I felt the story helped me learn and even had a small discusssion about how I truly felt.

Interaction: Although, I did not get much feedback from my peers I still commented on my peer's entries and I think that I had some interesting opinions to point out. For instance, I commented on Kevin's Blog and David's Blog and I recieved many comments on my blog titled Same Ending;Different Story I both agreed and disagreed and gave my opinions as to wy I felt the way that I did.

Timeliness: Well I think that I wrote this blog in plenty of time to spark a discussion with my peers and it is called: "Understanding Stories: Up Close and Personal."

Discussions: I think that my entry on women missing around the world should be included because I not only got one comment, but two and it was from someone that I do not know. It was called: Why kill them? I was really proud of this because I made someone interested enough to read what I wrot ebcause they wanted too; not because they had too.

Xenoblogging: This semester I commented more than I ever had before! My classmates should feel special! My entries include: The Comment Primo - DenaMarie's entry on The Doll's House. The Comment Grande I chose to include - Heart in the Ground

Wildcard: To satisfy my wildcard entry I wanted to include my blog that was labeled: "Justice For All People, Except Priests Who Rape Children" . I wanted to include that specific entry because I feel that it was one of the few that I wrote with passion.

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