October 12, 2005

Different Opinions

Lady: True, Master Doctor, and since I find you so kind,
I will make known unto you what my heart desires to
have, and were it now summer, as it is January, a dead
time of the winter, I would request no better meat, than
a dish of ripe grapes.

I chose this passage to do my reflection on because I felt that it had a sexual aroma around it. I think that if you took it out of the passage it would show that the lady was somewhat flirting with Faustus. Do you think that it could be possible that she may have been leading him on indirectly? I also tried reading each passage separately to see what the outcome of the play would have been if each character had shorter and more intimate conversations with one another. This led me to believe that they play and the characters in the play are much more complex than I would have ever thought.
Overall, I enjoyed this play I think that it was extremely easy to read and it made my imagination wander. I think that there could have been many possible endings and conclusions and maybe some day someone will try and spice it up a bit. My classmates had all picked many different topics that they noticed in the play which made it easier for me to read because I saw many different angles of the play. For example, Andrew wrote about the significance of the number seven, which is something that I did not pick up on and it was significant to the story.

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