November 06, 2005

Blogging Portfolio 2


To satisy my coverage requirement I chose to include my article, "Different Opinions." In this article, I gave my opinion and gave my opinion of what the text meant. I think that I had contributed interesting ideas for my peers to consider thinking about and apply it to the text. I would also like to include my article, "Fuddy Meers." In this article I had explained that I had a sneek peek of a play that we were required to watch in a few weeks. I think that I made my classmates look forward to watching the play because I was able to view it and said that it looked fantastic.


To satisfy my depth entry I chose to include my article on Dead Man Walking. I titled it, "Justice is Served" because I truly felt that Matthew got everything that he deserved regardless of his change of heart towards the end of his life. I felt strong about this book because it affected my emotions, which is not common. I think that this book was a very spirtual book and it brought up many life changing topics.


One of the few blogs that I have written and actually sparked a discussion was about the play, "Sure Things." I think that I had made good points concerning the play and my classmates agreed with my opinion. On my blog I wrote an article titled, "Hamlet" and it did not spark much conversation, but it did spark a conversation in class because I mentioned it to my classmates in case they did not get a chance to read it. I think that it made my classmates look at the story in a different perception.


I would say that they the most interaction that I had with my classmates that I had responded too. I wrote pretty in-depth articles that contributed to the way that my peers felt and viewed the plays that we have read. For instance, I contributed to Kevin, Danielle, and Andrew's blog entries. I also quoted Andrew's blog entry, "Mothers." I used it in the reflection paper that I did and it sparked a discussion in the class.

Comment Grande - When Kevin wrote, "What should she expect," he asked many questions, which all were based on the opinion of other people. I offered Kevin my opinion and tried to understand his claim as much as possible.

Comment Primo - Andrew had posted a blog about Amanda's chracter, which I politely disagreed with. I understood the feelings that Andrew had towada Amanda, but I felt that he was not looking at the feelings of Amanda. I explained that he should try to put himself in her shoes and try to understand that it had to be hard for Amanda because she has no control over her own life.

Comment Informative- Danielle had posted an article, which I was very interested in. It was about athletes and academics and the article that she had quoted was extremely biased. I did some research and helped Danielle support her claim.


For my Wildcard entry I chose to write about Prisioners escaping from jail. I found this topic interesting because of the recent prison break by Thompson. Because Thompson was able to escape from prison and make security look exteremly weak I hope that America realizes that we have to tighten up security in order to keep innocent people safe.

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