November 07, 2005

Security in America

At times, I feel extremely safe in America, but other times, I feel very vulnerable to danger. I feel that we have enough problems to worry about in America. For instance: terrorists, drugs, gas prices and so on. What adds to the fire is that we have criminals roaming around our streets. Now I understand that there will always be crime and it is impossible to solve all of the unsolved cases in America, but when we happen to catch these criminals we should be smart enough to keep them incarcerated. Over the past year there have been cases as to where the inmate escaped one way or the other. The most recent escapee, Charles Victor Thompson, actually was able to walk out of his prison home. Other cases, which are too many to mention, also have managed to escape from secure prisions. If you are interested you can find more information at: Prisioners Escaped.

I think that America really needs to tighten up security not only from terrorists, but from dangerous Americans. People need to do their jobs because there no excuse for prisioners to escape. The employees should know the jail better than the prisoners and they should take precautions to prevent any type of escape route that a prisioner would be able to come up with.

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