November 15, 2005

Some Answers?

Schnitzler, Professor Bernardhi Acts 1-3 -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Ok well to start off, I looked over my peers blogs and saw many unanswered questions. The most repetative question was: Why didn't Doctor B. let the priest in to give the girl her last rites? While I read that, I wasn't confused because the doctor explained exactly why he forbid him to enter the girls room.

Doctor B "Must I repeat it once more, your Reverence? The patient does not know the end is near. She is gay, happy, and - unrepentant." According to Doctor B he was looking out for the girls health. They both had their viewpoints, which makes it hard to say if someone was right or wrong. But as soon as the Sister goes in the room to tell the girl that the priest was there, she went into shock and died, which supports Doctor B's thinking.

In Act One, the priest was only present during two pages of the act. Although he only had 19 lines, I grew to dislike him by the time he left. My main reason is because:
-Priests are not suppossed to judge, which is exactly what he did.
"A happy death ... It is possible, Professor, that this conveys different meanings to our minds. And from what your sister has told me, it appears that this pateint is in greater need of Absolution than many another." (15)

There was no reason for the priest to make assumptions about the life that the dying girl lead nor is it right to assume that she died a sinner. It was not the girls wish to see the priest so she would be able to repent, but I believe that it was the Sister's idea. Like I commented on Denamarie's Blog, we have to remember that we have no information about this girl up to this point. All that we know is that she is dying. We do not know if she is religious and wanted to repent before her death or if she was let's say an aetheist who does not have any religious beliefs. The priest appearance could have made her very upset that they had the nerve to bring a priest in so she wouldn't die a sinner. I would be upset if someone did that to me.

The fact is, that I think it was nice of the Sister to call the priest, because it could not have hurt that much, but overall she had no right in doing so. The dying girl did not ask for repentance and she should not have assummed that it would be helpful just because of her beliefs. I am on Doctor B's side so far.

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