November 16, 2005

The Character of Doctor B

Schnitzler, Professor Bernhardi (Finish) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Bernh: Do I understand you aright? You admit that I did absolutely the right thingóthat I could not have done otherwise?

Priest: That, as a doctor, you could not have done otherwise.

During the conversation between Doctor B and the Priest it seemed that the priest was going there to clear up any tension there was between him and Doctor B. It seemed like the priest wanted to clear his conscience and make peace with Doctor B. And Doctor B. seemed like he did not want to hear what the priest had to say.

I think that in Act Four, Doctor Bís character shone through. It was clear that the priest lied about being shoved and he had made some nasty comments to Doctor B. and through it all Doctor B. still treated the priest with respect and definitely stood up for himself. Doctor B. did not care what anyone thought and stuck to his ground throughout all four scenes. He expressed his feelings truthfully and even had the decency to resign from being the President because his decision was causing so much controversy.

I believe that it was because of Doctor Bís strong character that he had so many people fighting for his justice. He never tried to prove his case to anyone; everyone came to him and voted that his actions were justifiable and he should be looked up too because as doctors that is how every single one of them should have acted.

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