November 29, 2005


I am a very negative person and although I would like to think differently my mind focuses on the dark side of the situation. So as you might have guessed this blog evtry is also going to focus on something negative.

Recently, there were amany killings, like always, in Philadelphia. But one story published in the Phildelphia Daily News captured my attention. It stated that a young man, Terrell Pough, was shot - execution style. Just in Philadelphia alone, he was the 346 victim that was killed this year.

Whoever shot Terrell was a person who had nothing to live for which is the scariest part of this preventable crime. If someone asked me why I think that there is so much crime, especially in the inner cities I would give this simple answer: lack of education. THe Philadelphia Daily News had an article saying that approximately 350-400 people attended Terrell's sadness along with different emotions. They should take Terrell's death as an example and see that the world has more to offer than just crime. I know that its hard to try and explain to a bunch of tough, untrusting teenagers that there is a world out there that is not that bad and actually "liveable."

I recently had a conversation with my friend Rob and said how great life would be if everyone lived life like a concert. He alaughed and anxiously agreed, "Yeah, I know: Hugs not Drugs." I just wish we could open up their eyes and make them see that they are caught in a daily cycle of crime and killings but life does have something to offer them. They might have to work harder because the odds are against the, but they csn do it. They just have to try.

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