November 29, 2005

Blogging Portfolio 3


For my coverage requirement I chose to include my entries: Fences,Some Answers, and The character of Doctor B. I think that I put alot of work into trying to prove my point, especially my entries about Doctor B.

To cover my depth entries I am going to include my blogs aboutDoctor B.: Some Answers? and The Character of Doctor B. I can not explain why I liked the story some much but while I was reading it, it was like I became obsessed with him. I wanted to stand up for hima nd felt like he was a real character! Those entries are probably the only two stories where I have so much passion and opinion about the subject.


Well, many times I write blog entries and do not get comments back, which does not bother but when I go to do my blogging portfolio it makes this requirement pretty hard to do. I did write A Man of All Seasons, which did not include much detail rather then it was easy to understand because I was taking courses where we were talking about More at the same time. I also would like to include Fences because I am going to be basing my term paper off of this story.


To satisfy my timeliness requirement I posted about "Death of a Salesman", which is not due until December 5, 2005. My classmates will have enough time to look at my feeling and thought on how Miller portrayed Willy Loman.


While reading Professor B. there were many questions that people had asked and I helped to answer them. One of the main questions was why the priest was forbidden to go into the patients' room. I posted on DenaMarie's Blog the reasons which I thought were very clear. I also contributed to a question that Amanda had while reading POrofessor B. At times, I'm not interested in what someone's thoughts but when I commented to my classmates about Doctor B. I really tried my best to help them understand what was going on.


Writing a "wildcard" entry is usually my favorite blog to write because I have the ability to write about anything I want and anything that interests me. For this entry I chose to write about the recent killings in the United States, primarily Philadelphia. I think that I brought up important topics and I actually hope that someone reads it and understand what I am trying to say.

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