January 03, 2006

Storytelling in Video Games

Adams: Two words! Two words! We don't let you get away with anything here. Ok, climb tree.

This line that Adams recited seemed to sum up the whole article for me. This shows just how difficult it was to create videogames when technology was so limited. In this four part assignment I understood the complexity of creating video games and the obstacles that the challenges that the creators faced.

It was "fun" reading Dr. Jerz's interview with Adams because I personally know him and I was able to menatly vision this discussion. Adams seemed to be a very personable and very intellegient man. He offered some great advice when I was reading his interview such as, "Two heads are better than one. A hundred heads are far better than one. You keep control of the direction it's taking, and let there be creative input coming in."

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I had a great time getting to know Adams. I wasn't just trying to butter him up when I compared the chance to speak with Scott Adams to the chance to talk to Alfred Hitchcock or Jane Austen. And he really is a genuinely nice guy.

His games never had any violence in them, and there was never anything in them that was in the slightest bit objectionable. (Okay, okay, I like bashing monsters and stuff in role-playing games, but like Adams I don't enjoy role-playing evil characters.)

Yet he still took a huge step -- realizing that text games opened up the market to a huge group of people who loved stories and loved words, and who felt they could relate to a game that asked you to type words.

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