January 04, 2006

Spy Kids 3D

This movie was very entertaining. I would think that the movie was created for a younger audience but then again the producers know that a yound child would be watching the movie with an adult, which is why I think that I found the movie interesting also.

I think that Spy-Kids sent across a positive message but also some negatives. For instance when Juni gabe Demetra his life pack he looked at the three boys standing there and winked, which seems to be how men think of women throughout their whole lives. Some men think that all it will take is a simple nice deed and the woman will cherish him and just fall into their hands. They think that they know how to "play" women which Spy-Kids could be contributing too just by that single action.

But I think that I am analyzing the movie too much and critizing actions that children may not pick up on. I think that kids would be more fasinated by the 3-D effect rather that what someone is saying. I like this movie and found it "silly" but worth watching.

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