January 05, 2006

Beyond the Review

Insaniquarium was founded by Flying Bear and is hosted by PopCap. Insaniquarium is a game that is full of bright colors and non stop action that will have you clicking the mouse button faster and faster. Insaniquarium allows the player to have hands on experience with the game. It forces the player to challenge himself to come up with the best strategy. There are twenty different levels and four different backgrounds that you can successful choose, once you complete the required levels.

Insaniquarium never gets boring because the game is always introducing new characters. On your journey there will be a total of ten "friends" that you can choose to help you beat the levels. They can either help you collect coins that the fish are dropping, they can help you fight aliens, they can have babies which will increase the fish that you have and they can protect the fish from aliens. You will have to make the difficult choice of only picking three to help you complete the levels, which can be hard because they are all valuable.

In order to beat each level, you need to buy three egg pieces. In order to buy the egg pieces you must have enough money and fish. You can get money from either your fish, a “friend” that sings, or by conquering an alien. As the levels get harder, naturally, the egg pieces become more expensive and difficult to get.

Money plays an important role in Insaniquarium because without it your fish will die and you will lose, its as simple as that. Money is your biggest enemy in this game. You can increase the amount of fish you have, you can upgrade your tank and you can buy important items that will increase your choices of beating the level.

One of the things that I love most about Insaniquarium is that fact that if you do not achieve the levels successfully, you can start off from where you died last. This is very important because it does not hold you back from completing your mission. But do not let this advantage trick you because it extremely difficult despite the advantages that games offers, I still have yet to beat the game.

This game can be fun for everyone to play, whether you are young or old. If the player is a young child it can help him/her learn the value of money and make them realize that having a strategy will usually benefit them in the end. Insaniquarium can be an "escape" for older players who need a break from "reality."

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