January 05, 2006

How's Blogging Going?

Portfolio 1 (Draft) 20pts -- Video Gaming (EL 250)

I thought that I would never admit this but I actually enjoy blogging during J-Term! I love that there's only six of us and I know everyone except Evan, which is pretty good!

For my Coverage section I included articles that I had a strong reaction too, I basically gave about a paragraph or two of my opinion and reactions to the stories and movies we are watching.


My Trip To Liberty City

How Society Views Videogames

Storytelling in Videogames

Groundhog Day

Spy Kids 3-D

For Depth I included articles that I wrote a more detailed explanation as to why I felt the way I did and whether or not I had the same feelings as the author I was reading.


Beyond the Review


Bow N*gger

For Interaction I did not comment individully much because we had such good "group discussions" so I basically just linked some of the discussions that I contributed too.


Comment Informative



Discussion Again!

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