January 09, 2006

Games and The Effects They Have

Ex 3: Close Playing 1 (40pts) -- Video Gaming (EL 250)

September 11th
Playing "September 11th" personally affected me. This game made me realize how hard it must be for our troops in Iraq. Civilians are mixed in with terrorists and it seems nearly impossible to only kill the terrorists.
While I was playing this came I couldn't help but wonder why the civilians would put their lives in jeopardy, but then I looked around at the scenery and I realized that they were trying to live life as normally as they could despite the circumstances. Although, there was war going on in their streets they still wanted to go on with life and did not want the war to overcome them with fear.
I found myself feeling bad when I would attempt to kill a terrorist and by mistake I would kill a civilian. With my conscious eating away at me, I tried to think of every strategy that I could to prevent the deaths of innocent people but it was useless because after I bombed a certain place I would almost always hear the families mourning the loss of a loved one.
After playing this game I think it opened my eyes to the war that is happening in Iraq presently. “September 11th” shows that even if what you’re doing is right it still comes along with side effects that are wrong.


Unlike September 11th, I can not say that I completely get the object of Madrid. I found the game impossible to win because I was not able to get all of the candles burning strongly at the same time. I found myself agitated but I wanted to understand what the meaning was behind this message?
I do know that Madrid was created in response to the terrorist attacks happening in Madrid. I would think that the creators wanted to create a positive game to show the people that the only way to prevent harm being done to our cities is by joining hands and working together.
The background of this game played huge role in the impact of this game because the yellow candles reflect brilliantly off the black wallpaper. It is also important to note the writing on the people’s shirts. It expresses such diversity, but it shows that people are still willing to come together and fight for the same cause even if some of our beliefs are different.
Unfortunately, Madrid did not have a strong influence on me and the beliefs that I have because it did not capture my attention. I did not want to continue trying to light the candles because I did not see a valuable cause for doing so.

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