January 10, 2006

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Ex 5a: Close Playing 2 (10pts) -- Video Gaming (EL 250)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes place in Miami during the 1980s. There is no disagreement that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is very violent enriched with graphic images. After playing Grand Theft Auto for a few minutes, the player will soon begin to realize that the fastest and most convenient way to make money is to do it illegally. The player has no other option if he wants to beat the game but to steal cars, kill people and cheat innocent people.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is full of exciting options for the player to make. He can chose whether to drive a car, ride a motorcycle or he can even chose to fly a helicopter. Money plays a very important role in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The only way to make money is to act as a “criminal.” The player will have to perform missions and the more dangerous the missions become; the more money you receive. It sounds pretty easy so far but it is not because once the player commits a crime the police are notified and the player has a chance of loosing his life. At the top of the screen there are six stars and they begin to light up once the player has the police chasing him. The more police there are the greater numbers of stars are lit.
It is loosely based off of the movie Scarface. At times, the scenery in the game resembles the events and places that were in Scarface, for example, the mansion and work ethic of the characters. Also, the main character is similar to Tony Montana because their main goal is to sell drugs and eventually take over all of the drug pins in the city. Throughout the video game the player has many varieties when inflicting harm on their victim. Some options include, chopping up people will a chainsaw, beating people with a bat, shooting people and stabbing people
The main goal of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is to take over Miami and be the most powerful drug pin. In order to do that you must continuously put your life in danger and the more violent you turn out to be the higher your role in society becomes.

Posted by GinaBurgese at January 10, 2006 11:10 PM | TrackBack

What was your reaction to the game's implementation of vehicles and the spaces you can explore? At one point, when I noticed how many sloping surfaces are conveniently located around rooftops, I ditched the main plot and started jumping across rooftops.

I don't think mainstream commentary on this particular game specifies just how open the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto can be. Real-world consequences such as cops and death are mere annoyances -- the game is never over.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at January 11, 2006 12:05 PM

Jerz... your rooftops thinking was definitely cool, it's obvious that you're an old-skool gamer that seeks out new things within games. In GTA:SA, the rooftops are the place to be, when everything goes wrong - you can duck behind A/C units and RPG police helicopters, until you think of something.. like how to get back across town to the "safe house."

One more thing about SA, since I'm always blabbing about it.. I LOVE THE RANDOMNESS, that is NOT in Vice City. Such as YOUR character getting carjacked in traffic. Your character getting shot at on the streets, when you're simply waking down to the "Burger Shot" for dinner. I remember the first time I modded up a car - it was a beautiful low-rider, looked like a 64 Impala. Painted up with flames, chrome everything, wire rimmed wheels, etc.. I was bouncing it up and down at a stop light... but forgot I was in "Ballaz" territory. Next thing you know, my car was full of bullet holes, smoking and had the rear tires shot out.. I tried to get away, and plowed into the back of a cop car. I'm on the run, my wanted level is through the roof, because I have no choice but to return fire... all this because I wanted to drive over to my "girlfriend's" house in the new car, and take her to dinner.

Sigh. LOL.

Posted by: Mike at January 11, 2006 06:12 PM

The fact that this game gets so much attention for being 'so open' is a testiment to how little people recognise the history of gaming. Dark Sun, I will often refer back to this, has everything GTA is praised for.(Soliders like police attack the player if he breaks the laws, free to kill anyone, and a sandbox roaming system) Dark Sun was released in 1994, while the original GTA was released in 1997. With a 30 year history, 3 years is a tenth of the entire history of gaming. Which means that Rockstar, back then DMA Designs, was very late in its production. The reason GTA is such a smashing success though is because they fashioned the game for society, not just for gamers. Anyone who liked watching the anit-hero gangsters, could be the anti-hero protagonist in GTA. Smart choice Rockstar...

Posted by: Stephan Puff at January 12, 2006 04:19 PM

I would just like to share. I love GTA: SA. I have never actually played the game before but I have watched it being played on numerous occasions. I love the game! I find the irony to the real world very amusing. A character can just go up to many person on the street and kill them and take whatever money they have and not get in immediate trouble for it. Highjacking cars, stealing, running from the cops, murdering people, and having a posse I think appeals to everyone's 'gangster' side....and that is why it is virtual reality!

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