January 18, 2006

Call For Papers

“Call for Papers” seemed to be very much to the point. I think that they have come up with a great strategy because they can easily ask for suggestions and in return they get many people responding with different opinions and responses as to why they came up with the ideas that they did. One negative reaction that I had to the article was that I do think that they should have allowed the papers being submitted to exceed 500 words because when you have a great idea it takes more than just roughly three paragraphs to get your point across.

I think that designing a game that would focus on “Video game villains and anti-heroes” would be very interesting. I like it because you can twist and move that topic to fit every obstacle that you might come across. You can include good guys who perform good deeds and get rewards for their actions and still include “villains” who act disturbing and face both rewards and consequences for their actions.

One thing that I noticed is that the topics that the article mentioned seem to be very similar to games that already exist. I think it will take a lot of hard work to create a game that is totally different that has different goals from the many anti-hero games that exist presently.

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