February 12, 2007

Using Examples

Brooks, ''Irony as a Principle of Structure'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Brooks started his essay in a very strong tone of voice. He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone which made me really wonder if what he was saying would work. Is there a poet out there who didn't step out into the universe only by first going through the door of the particular?

Brooks on Shakespeare's song:
"At any rate, it is intresting to see what happens if we are aware of these overtones. We get a delightful richness, and we also get something very close to irony." (87)

Once Brooks used that example, I began to really understand what he was saying. Shakespear's song helped because Brooks began asking the questions as if he was a reader.

The he said, "Grace, I suppose, refers to grace of movement and some readers will insit that we leave it at that." (87) Since he begins talking about how to read the text, it relates to Eagleston's article, "What is Literature?" So after taking into account, everything that I read, I do think that Brooks had a pretty good argument. There are some readers who would read selected works one way, which would differ from a different reader. The bottom line is - Brooks prepeared me with the tools so I now have a better chance of finding hidden ironic messages, but he also makes me wonder if you should right poetry following the steps he gives.

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