February 12, 2007

The Tempest

Shakespeare, The Tempest -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

I was fortunate enough, as some of my classmates, to actually dedicate a whole class to Shakespeare : ) Yes, I know.

Having learned so much about Shakespeare, it doesn't seem as fun to me to figure out what his intent was. His main intent was to create a storyline that would keep the crowds attention and bring in money. It was a convenience for Shakespeare to make women disuguise themselves as men based on the lack of props and actors (Shakespeare wasn't always rich).

Regardless of Shakespeare's financial intentions, he is a mastermind. Today, we are still recreating his stories. He had to have liked creating the stories and confusing the crowds because his stories all are pretty much the same (women dressing as men, playing two different rold, fighting, confusion, compliucations between family memebers, storms..etc.)

It was a great story to read, I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to watch.

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