February 12, 2007

Get to the Point

Yachnin, ''Shakespare and the Idea of Obedience: Gonzalo in The Tempest -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Yachnin does have a good meaning behind this essay - I just don't knwow what it was supposed to be. I hate when authors bring in other works besides the work mentioned in the title because then the reader goes into the story not knowing what he/she is supposed to know to understand the refrences being made. ( I know that that was a huge run on sentence but I am very frustrated).

I do not know or have any information on Eastward Ho! or A Game of Chess, which is fine because I was still able to read his essay but I do not think that I got as much out of it as I would have liked.

Yachnin does point out important events that happened during the play.

"Shakespeare arranges the details in order to make Gonzalo's act clearly less tantamount to murder; however, as Prospero suggests, their lives were saved by Providence, not by Gonzalo. In essence, therefore, the acts of Antigonus and Gonzalo are virtually identical."

This is a great connection between the characters that I didn't make, even after reading the play three times. It's a shame because there is some good information in Yachnin's essay, but it's very difficult to find it because of all the information that is thrown at the reader.

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