February 12, 2007


Austin, ''Toward Resolving Keats's Grecian Urn Ode -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

At the beginning of this essay Austin says so himself that this poem has attracted hundreds of explicators, so I thought to myself, Well, why are you going to do the same thing? It was a perfect way to get me disinterested in his essay, but anyways, onto the intent of this essay:

I belive that Austin's intent was to make the reader understand how to read into Keats poem so the reader can figure out the hidden meanings in the poem. Throughout the whole essay, Austin basically gives us alternative meanings as to what Keats could have meant. For example,

"If Keats however, is referring to eternity, the Urn could be saying that in its world, which is an emblem of the world of eternity, beauty is truth" (51).

Austin definetly brings up some good suggestions, which he also does a good job of supporting, but it was not one that I enjoyed reading. Austin's essay was about as disspointing and boring as I had thought when I read the first few lines.

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