March 26, 2007

Derrida, ''Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences'' -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

"There are thus two interpretations of interpretation, of structure, of sign, of freeplay. The one seeks to decipher, dreams of deciphering, a thruth or an orgin which is free from freeplay and from the order of the sign, and lives like an exile with the necessity of interpretation. The other, which is no longer turned toward the orgin, affirms freeplay and tries to pass beyond man and humanism, the name man being the name that being who, throughout the history of metaphysics or ontotheology --in other words, through the history of metaphysics or ontotheology- in other words, through the history of all his history -- has dreamed full presence, the reassuring foundation, the orgin and the end of the game" (362).

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