January 29, 2004

While I was reading the stories on the flash fiction web site ">http://www.tangents.co.uk/50words/, it seemed to me that they were very depressing. Not all of them, because I definetly did not read every single one, but for the most part they were very bitter. The story that was titled "Bitter Sweet" really sent a chill up my spine. The few stories that I read seemed to always be talking about dead bodies and not much sadness for them. The mood was very sad. I did enjoy reading the stories because it was interesting to read because i could not figure out what would make the author write like this.

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January 20, 2004

What a Help!

Hi. This is my first time "blogging." I had no idea what to expect or how to react to this famous "blogging." I asked a couple of people and no one actually gave me a real definition of what blogging is or how you do it.
Thanks to Dr. Jeerz and Julie Young I understand now. Julie's presentation was very beneficial. It was short, quick and to the point. I now know not to write anything too personal or not to comment rudely. The outline that Julie presented answered every question that I had. Thanks Julie : )

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