February 12, 2004

Be mine?

In the daylight I saw your face shining
Right then it became clear I was in love
with you. I gave you everything and in
return you gave me anything. I love
you now and I always will. That is why
I'm asking Will you be my Valentine?

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Take The Blame!!!!

Ok so as you know some of us, who were not prepared for the quiz, had topratice writing iambic pentameter. Well, when I have to suddenly think of poems and thoughts I tend to get silly. I had no argumant to make with Dr. Jerz because he, unfortuantely, he was right! So, there I am trying to make up words with no main thought. So here it is...Hope everyone laughs! : )

The assigment was on the syllabus
but I misinterpreted the homework
I am young and foolish with too much to
do. I find it very easy to fall
off track. Thank you for understanding you
really deserve a snack. Well I hope I
convinced you and made you laugh and smile!!!

So what did you guys think?? HAHA

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