April 23, 2004

Our Wonderful Research Project!

Well for my research project I chose to write about the realtionship between Nell and Harv (The Diamond Age) and Houlden and Phoebe (Catcher in the Rye). I liked writing about them because Houlden and Harv both have this sense of "protectiveness" that they show their little sisters. I find the very interesting and it makes me want to know more about the characters. The research paper was a little bit hard to write because it was six pages and that is alot when I was only comparing the relationship between siblings. I think it would of been better if we had a topic that we could get more research on and analyze the sistuations better. Once I hit the last page I felt as if I already made my conclusion and I was just trying to fill space.

Overall, I liked writing about the sibling relationships that I read about, but I think it would of been better if it did not have to be six pages. I felt as there were only so many things to say and research on. I think it was def. worth doing and I was pleased with the outcome of my paper. All of the topics that were presented in class were good but I think that most of us had the same problem - trying to get six pages out of the assignment. Hopefully, you found our papers interesting to read because they were worth doing!

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I think that the play, "W;T" was very easy to read and I liked the story line. This play was assigned to be read after "The Diamond Age" and I think that that was a nice way to end the course. It was very different from "The Diamond Age" and it was much more to the point and clear to read. I like the relationship that Vivian had with the nurse Suzie. It seemed at points in the book that Suzie was the one person that Vivian wanted around. For example, on page 64 Vivian says, "Susie was on. I could hear her in the hall. I wanted her to come and see." That line right there made me see how lonely and how confused Vivian actually was.

I liked that Vivian was being treated by one of her students that was fond of her. During the play, there were many scences that talked about how gret Vivian was as a teacher and that made me feel like I actually knew Vivian. Even from the beginning of the play, I felt connected to Vivian. It was almost like I could picture her in my head in a hosiptal. The one part of the play that I did not like was the ending. It just seemed that Vivian was dead and people were pulling her and shouting around her. It was way too confused in that hosiptal room. I felt as though when she died it should of been more peaceful and a sense of comfort. But besides that I found the book exceelent to read. I am not surprised that it won the Pulitzer Prize.

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Class Interaction

My major is English/Journalism and I think that the class Intro. to Lit. affects my other class is STW. Number One, it is because I have the same teacher and Number Two because we do ALOT of writing in both classes. Some of the material that we have learned in Intro. to Lit. was also discussed in my Thinking and Writing course. I think that anyone who takes a writing course is going to benefit from it automatically, because we have to write a paper in atleast half of the classes that we have.

I like the fact that I have a chance to write in many of my classes because it is only helping me to grow as a writer. I have benefitted much from my Intro. to Lit. class and the STW class that I am enrolled in. I also think that my major helped me succeed in my all of my classes because it makes me a stronger writer and a stronger thinker. I now have a deeper understanding of what "think outside of the box" actually means. I am very happy with the major that I picked and I think it is only going to help me more throughout the years ahead of me!

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April 10, 2004

"God is Just Pretend"

I left school on Friday to go to Philadelphia (which rarely happens) and I stayed home until early Monday morning. Unfortunately, I had to take a 7 hour train ride back when driving only takes 4-41/2 depending on the speed that you go. But anyways, the ride wasn't that bad until we reached Altoona. When we were passing through there was a sign that was huge and it read, "God is Just Pretend." Well that is all that I had to see to make me get all fired up. I personally respect any religion that you chose to be. Who am I to tell you that your wrong and I'm right.

To me if you have a faith that is moral you will be rewarded. That's the best way I could put it. That sign made me so mad! I do not go around telling people that there is no "Yahweh or Messiah or Muhammad" and everyone has to belive in Jesus because he's real. I do not care that that particular group of people do not belive in God, I am mad that they had the nerve to put that up there. The best part was it was written like a little kid wrote it. I swear I wanted to stop that train and go burn the house down. I believe everyone should say and tell people how they feel, but do not sit there a critize and put a sign up stating what you believe...like if someone else believes differently they are wrong. People think that I am blunt and mean or whatever else they call me, but I have respect for people and what they believe in. I don't think that they are wrong for beliveing that I think that they are wrong for advertising that to everyone in the world. I am Catholic and I def. do belive in God and Jesus and I think without them I would not be here. I just hope that God prays for that group of people who are so ignorant to write something like that for anyone to see it. Maybe if people had respect there would no be so much violence because I know if I was driving by that sign I would of got very violent and I would not be sorry. It amazes me how people are so arrogant and yet they do not see it.

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