October 10, 2004


When reading Poe’s The Raven, it once again reminded me of Poe’s main theme in many of his pieces of literature. Many of his works come back to the subject of death. This was the case with The Raven. In the lines, “By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore, “Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,” I said, “are sure no craven…” there is a certain tone that suggests the theme of death is present within the poem. Again in the line, “Followed fast and followed faster till his songs one burden bore,” the theme of death arises. By saying, “One burden bore,” Poe is suggesting that someone now has the burden of death, which is the Raven’s “song.”

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Blog Portfolio 1

To cover the In-depth articles, I chose the stories that I felt I could find different meanings to and try and give reasons as to why the characters behaved the way that they did. For In-depth I chose "An Occurance on Owl Creek", which I labeled, "How Similar are Hallucinations and Dreams?" I think that I chose a good topic for that because it was a connection that I made using both the main character and the events in the story. I also chose to look into Thoreau's "Resistence to Civil Government." I found this story particularly interesting because I found an article written by Sanderson Beck. I liked it because it gave more details that involved the main character. And my final article I chose to be, "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street." I compared the Boss's actions with the fact that he was aging. I brought up a pretty decent conversation and actually learned some of the signs of aging and how much it affects you mental health as much as your physical.

For my Interaction articles, I chose, "The Scarlet Letter." The main reaosn why I picked The Scarlet Letter was because in class there were many different disagreements with how the main charcters handled certain situations. I also chose Poe to be part of Interaction because poetry is always being interpreted differently. Also Poe usually writes about death so I found it an interesting topic to chose for interaction. And lastly I chose the Literay Slam to go be categorized as interaction. I did this because I do not think there could of been project that had more interaction in it. The speaker spoke and the audience listened!
And that is the six articles that I chose for Coverage.

For Zenoblogging I chose to comment on Lori's Blog. I did this because she thought the complete opposite of me. It sparked a good discussion between Lori and I and also another classmate. I also commented on Erin's Blog and she had the same exact opinion that I had so I was pretty excited! And on Jessica's Blog she asked which man I chose Thoreau or Emerson and I gave my opinion on that which was fun!

For my wildcard I chose an article that I wrote about a class that I am presently taking. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to let people know what I felt and how I thought. It was basically about Assumptions and how they should be considered in different situations. And the last thing that you can take a look at on my blog is my write up about Oral Presentations. I think they were well worth it and enjoyed them very much.

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Oral Presentations!!

I do think that Oral Presentations are a good thing to start up in class because it gives students a chance to get their point across with no interuptions until they finally ask for comments. I think that it gives us a great oppurtunity to get comfortable speaking in front of our classmates and people in general. I liked how my classmates tell us their opinion and then explain it based on how they translated it. Puff def. had a good oral presentation. He had some great questions at the end of his presentation. Also, Linda was very good. She had a good way of explaining her thoughts.

I do think that Oral Presentations are going to go well for our class. It is good that they are split up into different panals this way we can learn from our classmates. I look forward to watching everyone and I hope everyone feels comfortable because I think that being comfortable makes it 100 percent easier to talk in front of people and really get your point across to your audience.

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October 07, 2004

How Similar are Hallucinations and Dreams?

An Occurance on Owl Creek Bridge was one of my favorite short stories. It was so descriptive that made it so interesting it was impossible to put down once you started reading it. The author made me feel like I was there watching this guy fall from the bridge. I am a person who loves description. It makes it more intersting and gets the author's point across. That is exactly why I liked "An Occurance on Owl Creek Bridge."

I think that this story relates to many people because people do have dreams that seem really real and that is the connection between the readers of owl creek bridge and Peyton. Throughout the story, Peyton had several hallucinations and created a whole line of events in his head and truly belived that he saw his wife walk towards him and then sudden feels the pain-reality. I related to this story by my own dreams that I have had. Dreams seem very believable at the time you have them. There were many times that I thought my dream was real and came to realize that it was all made up-just a story I created in my head.

Up until reading this story I never connected Hallucinations and Dreams. Now that I think about it I think that they are very similar. We create both of them in our heads the only difference is hallucinations are considered dangerous and dreams are considered pretty peaceful... (I don't know if I peaceful is the right word? lol) But anyways, they both create stories that make our mind believe. They paint pictures for us and show color and pain and make our brain think we are experiencing them until reality kicks in. I think I made a great connection-I'm so excited!!!! Haha well I would like to hear what yous have to say so make sure you comment and it's ok if you think I'm complete nuts - I won't take it personal!

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Always A Reason to Why We Behave Like We Do

Reading Thoreau's, "Resistence to Civil Government" I had many different feelings towards him. Thoreau strongly disagreed with how the governement acted. He was against the Mexican-American War and could not understand why anyone would support an unjust war. His actions made me feel that he was so stubborn that it hurt him in the long run. Maybe if Thoreau wasn't so stubborn and rude, people would of tried to help him voice his feelings towards the things that he was against.

I was on the web reading different stories of Thoreau because I was trying to see if he always acted so blunt, when I came across an excerpt written by Sanderson Beck called, "The Way to Peace: Thoreau's Civil Disobedience" and I loved it because it explained the story so well and gave answers to some of the questions that I had. For example, who put Thoreau in jail? Who paid is bail? It made me think Thoreau was even more stubborn then I had believed before. Staples said, "Henry, if you don't pay, I shall have to lock you up pretty soon." Thoreau answered him, "As well now as any time, Sam." I could not believe that Thoreau actually wanted to go to jail! His friend, Staples asked him very nicely and even offered to help him out but hardheaded Thoreau refused in the calmest matter. Thoreau wanted to stay in jail so he could call attention to the abolitionist cause and the Mexican War. People in Concord wanted to know the reasons for his going to jail so this is why he wrote, "Resistence To Civil Government."

I have so many mixed feelings towards Thoreau because I just don't understand him. I do think that Thoreau is one of the proudest people that I ever read about. He firmly stood up for what he believed in despite the consequences that followed. Maybe the reason why Thoreau was mad about being let out of jail so early was because noone took what he said seriously. When I was reading his story I was thinking to myself just pay the taxes so you don't make enemies and it would save yourself alot of grief, but at the end of the story I realized he didn't want to contribute to anything that he didn't believe in.

Thoreau probably knew that people were going to have my train of thought towards him. He justifies his charcter by saying, "I have never declined paying the highway tax, becaus eI am a desirous of being a good neighbor as I am being a bad subject; and as for supporting schools, I am doing my part to educate my fellow contrymen now. After comprehending that statement I changed my opinion about Thoreau. I do think that he was a great guy and was determined to stand up for what he believed in. He showed great character throughout his story.

Thoreau was an amazing man who I misjudged at the beginning of his story. I do think he is a great example of showing people how to stand up for what you believe in. I do not think that everyone should just do what they want and refuse to do things that they don't belive in because then that would just leave us with a country that would be total choas. I don't agree with what he did but I respect him for it.

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October 06, 2004

Different People; Different Reactions

"Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" was a very odd story that I read. I was almost surprised that the text was chosen to be read by our class. Usually in our class we are assigned harder, longer stories that aren't that easy to comprehend. I found this story not only easy to comprehend but a story that I could actually relate to. The best part I liked was when Bartleby would say, "I would prefer not to."

"Bartleby", was an interesting story to read because it had a unexpected twist to it. Instead of the Boss firing Bartleby he showed compassion for him. He forgave him numerous times and actually seemed like he wanted to help him and tried to understand him. Most people would of fired him the second he declined to do something that was given to them, and the Boss knew that he should of fired him, but still chose not to! I think that is very remarkable.

I was trying to list the reasons why someone would put up with an employees' behavior as the Boss did with Bartleby. One main reason I came up with was maybe it was because of the Boss's age. Sometimes old men or women go through different social behaviors because of aging. It can dramatically change how you react and comprehend different situations. After reading that article I was more aware as to how aging can make you nice and clam or do the complete oppoiste to someone. One of the reasons why I think the Boss kept Bartleby around was because he was not so quick-tempered as he was during his previous years.

Another reason that I came up with was that the Boss saw something in Bartleby. He was curious about everything that Bartleby did. Line 34, The boss said, There was something about Bartleby that not only strangely disarmed me, but in a wonderful manner touched and disconcerted me. I began to reason with him." On paragraph 92 the boss said, "he never drank beer like Turkey, or tea and coffee even, like other men; There are numerous more examples of how the boss says how different he thinks Bartleby is. He wanted to understand him- truly understand him. I think because Bartleby was so mysterious that was what made the Boss more curious and at one point even made him angry and judge Bartleby. One passage in the text, in the paragraph of line 125 states the Boss as saying, "I must get rid of a demented man, who already has in some degree turned tongues, if not the heads of myself and clerks.

Bartleby was such a good story because it was so real and comical at some points. I do think that Bartleby was a very disturbed man and was not able to live in a a society so cruel. The main reason why I was touched by this story was because Bartleby never tried to make the Boss like him, he just did. The Boss really truly felt compassion for Bartleby. I liked when it said on line 148 how the Boss was actually arguing the pro and con for having Bartleby stay with him. It was a good story that had an ending that was just.

The Boss said it well enough, "With any other man I should have flown outright into a dreadful passion, scorn all further words, and thrust him ingominiously from my presence." But for some reason he liked Bartleby and I am going to take a guess and say that I think everyone knows someone who caught there attention and made them like him/her even though you hate everything they do and every way they react. Remember Different People; Different Situations...

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October 03, 2004

Lit. Slam

For the Lit Slam, I think for the most part they went well. It was a bit discouraging to get in front of your peers without even knowing their names. one thing I liked about the presentations was how people said what they thought after they were finished presenting. I liked it because noone was able to argue or interupt the speaker, because it was all a matter of opinion and how they alone interpreted the text. My classmates showed a side of them that I would of never seen if it wasn't for this assignment.

For my poem I chose "In the Greenest of Our Valleys". With the help of my roomate I was able to interpret the text correctly and after all that was done I found it enjoyable to read. I think that being in front of the classroom in front of people you do not know def. has its negatives. But I think everything has both positives and negatives. I def. liked the feedback that Jerz gave after we were finished our presentation. It was helpful because we knew how we did and what we did which made me aware on what I needed to work on and what we excelled in. Knowing that Jerz was going to ask questions also made me look up words that I did not understand and it did help my interpret my poem better. It def. was no a solution, but it helped!

I personally do not like poetry. I don't understand it and I don't think I will ever be able to interpret it correctly. So when we had to do this, I was pretty upset...haha But I have to say that I do think it was worth it to have this Lit. Slam because it made me a little bit more comfortable with my classmates and I got a chance to see how and why people interpreted their poems the way that they did. Despite how much I hated doing the "Lit. Slam" I do think that it was a good assignment!

I did like Shanna's performance. I think that she did a great job expressing herself. I think that her prop def. made her performance better and she looked extremely comfortable in front of the classroom. For her second poem she spoke very casually and it made a huge difference in how she recited the poem. Also, I liked Jessica's performance. I liked how she moved around the room and used hand movements.

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