February 28, 2005


When first looking at the title of this poem, "Daddy" I thought it was going to be a nice, sincere poem. I was definetly proved wrong. Ok for this poem it was very confusing, and I am still confused by it. There are some facts that are clear: The daughter hates her father. I believe that she killed him, but I do not know if everyone would agree with that, so for now it's just my opinion. There were many places mentioned ... Tyrol - Eastern Alps of Western Austria and Northern Italy, which was passed back and forth by Austria and Vienna. Dachau- A city of southeast Germany north-northwest of Munich. It was the site of a Nazi concentration camp built in 1935 and captured by the Allies in April 1945. Auschwitz- a Nazi concentration camp for Jews in southwestern Poland during World War II. Belsen- A village of northern Germany north of Hanover. It was the site of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. It also had to do alot of nationalities like Luftwaffe, which is a German airforce and Arayan- is a Non-Caucasian Jew. Thanks to Karissa- Meinkampf- was the name that Hitler titled his book while he was in jail before he became dictator - it means "My struggle". Also Karissa said Ich means I in German but when I looked it up at Dictionary.com I came up with a contagious disease of tropical marine and freshwater fishes, caused by a protozoan (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) and characterized by small white pustules on the skin and eyes. I can't decide which one I think relates to this poem more. Since it has some Anti-
Anti-Semitic influence in this poem I am assuming that this women does not like that she is somewhat talking and being mistaken as a Jew. It also has some reference to a black man so I don't know if that contributes soemthing to this poem.

Well here is my interpretation after taking the paragraph above into thought.

She declares that she will no longer live like a slave and continue to live in fear of breathing or sneezing. She had to kill her father -- but he died before she had time (time for what?) This is where it starts to get confusing:

Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,
Ghastly statue with one gray toe
Big as a Frisco seal

And a head in the freakish Atlantic
Where it pours bean green over blue
In the waters off the beautiful Nauset.
I used to pray to recover you.

(Did someone tie him up and place him in a bag and then they stuffed marbles in it and finally threw him into the Atlantic Ocean?) And since she was only ten years old she had to move to Polish and she didn't fit in because she spoke German and all it was was a struggle for her.

Says there are a dozen or two.
So I never could tell where you
Put your foot, your root,
I never could talk to you.
The tongue stuck in my jaw.

(Here I think she is talking about when she went to visit his grave but she didn't know which one he was because they didn't have tombstones so she just sat there silently looking)

It stuck in a barb wire snare.
Ich, ich, ich, ich,
I could hardly speak.
I thought every German was you.
And the language obscene

(I have no idea what "it" refers to but lets make "it" refer to her father. She stuck her father with a barb wire and had dreams of how mean and how brutal he was towards her so she couldn't understand the language because she blocked it out of her head because it was too brutle for her to hear)

An engine, an engine,
Chuffing me off like a Jew.
A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen.
I began to talk like a Jew.
I think I may well be a Jew.

The snows of the Tyrol, the clear beer of Vienna
Are not very pure or true.
With my gypsy ancestress and my weird luck
And my Taroc pack and my Taroc pack
I may be a bit of a Jew.

(Now I think she is becoming bitter because she is being mistaken for a Jewish person because she lives in Poland and she is describign to us what a horrible family history she has)

I have always been scared of you,
With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo.
And your neat mustache
And your Aryan eye, bright blue.
Panzer-man, panzer-man, O You--

Not God but a swastika
So black no sky could squeak through.
Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.

You stand at the blackboard, daddy,
In the picture I have of you,
A cleft in your chin instead of your foot
But no less a devil for that, no not
Any less the black man who

Bit my pretty red heart in two.
I was ten when they buried you.
At twenty I tried to die
And get back, back, back to you.
I thought even the bones would do.

But they pulled me out of the sack,
And they stuck me together with glue.
And then I knew what to do.
I made a model of you,
A man in black with a Meinkampf look

And a love of the rack and the screw.
And I said I do, I do.
So daddy, I'm finally through.
The black telephone's off at the root,
The voices just can't worm through.

If I've killed one man, I've killed two--
The vampire who said he was you
And drank my blood for a year,
Seven years, if you want to know.
Daddy, you can lie back now.

There's a stake in your fat black heart
And the villagers never liked you.
They are dancing and stamping on you.
They always knew it was you.
Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I'm through.

(I could not find a definiton of gobbledygoo, but in these verses she is starting to focus more on her father, she gives a detailed description and shows her emotions. She called her father an animal quite a few times, which gives a a pretty clear image of how she thought he was, but then she says she missed him and even once wished that she could die so she could be with him. She jumped in his coffin and went on with her life and she found herself a husband who was in the image of her father. She later realized what a mistake she made, so she killed him and realized that she killed both of them because of all the pain and torture they put her through. She was sick of being controlled and treated like dirt so she decided she had enough- and everyone knows that she has had such a horrible life because of her father and that is why she has such resentment towards him)

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In the Old Age of the Soul

I translated this poem,"In the old Age of the Soul" and it seemed unbelieveably sad to me. I felt that it was abou an old man who fought in battles his whole life and now he no longer fights, but he has these recurring dreams and I think that he feels that he could be fighting but they just no longer will let him. I would think that many older soliders can relate to this poem ( if they translated it have the same meaning as me). I would like that maybe this man is experiencing nightmares and can not get images out of his head from when he used to be young and was able to battle. I think this poem was depressing and sad and I feel bad for the older man whose thoughts are having a huge tool on his life and the way he lives it.

I do not choose to dream; it just comes to me
Some strange desire for actions.
As to the cool hand of some old warrior
The sword-handle or the war-worn usual helmet
Brings the short-lived life and long-fled deceptiveness,
So to my soul grown old-
Grown old with many combats, many military raids,
Grown old with many comings and goings
Till they send him dreams and no more deed;
So does he burst again with force for action,
Forgetful of the group of elders,
Forgetful that who rule do not fight anymore,
Forgetful that such power no more cuts to him
So does he burst again toward brave doings

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To Brooklyn Bridge

Ok so once I translated all of the words I didn't know (which were alot) I decided that "To Brooklyn Bridge" is about - the making of a building. I think that that they had to blow up the subway and they made the bridge over that part of the land or you can visibly see it from where the subway stands. Maybe something else will come to me and I'll get back to you... Wish me luck lol!!

How many beginnings are feared from his wavy or disturbed rest
The seagull's wings shall dip and move him,
Shedding white rings of riots or disturbences, building high
Over the chained bay waters Liberty--

Then, with a perfect curve, we saw with our eyes
As unusual as boats that cross
Images that would be covered by the final pieces of steel;
--Once they make elevators that will bring us down the floors in the buildings...

I think of cinemas and panoramic tricks
With multitudes bent toward some flashing scene ( I have no idea what that means)
Never uncovered, but hastened to again,
Told to other eyes who saw he same thing on the screen;

And Thee, across the harbor, silver-paced
As though the sun took step of thee, yet left
Some motion ever unspent in thy step,--
No doubt our freedom is staying here!

Out of some subway opening, cell or loft
A mentally ill person speeds to thy wall,
Staying there momently, loud noises arising
Laughter falls from the speechless travelers watching.

Down Wall, from a beam of steel into the street time passes
A rip-tooth of the sky's colorless gas explosion used on the buildings
All afternoon the cloud flown machines turn
Thy cables breathe the North Atlantic still.

And unseen as that heaven of Jews,
Thy reward... expression that they do honor
Of unacknowledgment time cannot raise:
Vibrant cancellations and forgiveness does show.
O talk and change, of the fury mixed together
Terrific achievement of the prophet's pledge
Prayer of the social outcast, and the lover's cry,--

Again the traffic lights that skim thy swift
Unfractioned idiom, pure sigh of stars
Design thy path -- condense eternity:
And we have seen night lifted in our arms.

Under the shadows by the piers I waited;
Only in darkness is the shadow clear
The City's fery packages all undone,
Already snow submerges an iron year...

O sleepless and the river under me,
Structure the sea, the flat land's dreaming is covered
To us the humble sometimes fall below, descend
And of the curveship lend a story to God.

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World Trade Center

I am not a big fan of poetry, mostly because I never interpret it correctly ( I know there's no right interpretation, but mine is usually way off) but the poem "World Trade Center" caught my attention. This poem was unusual it had no hidden meaning and it's point was made right from the beginning. I do not know why this poem had such a strong effect on me, but it did.

This poem described more then just the two towers it showed pride that people in the United States had towards their country. No one likes when someone attacks what is ours and everyone wants to protect it. Like many of us, Lehman didn't realize how much he grow used to the building until something negative happened to them. He no longer was able to see what he disliked- he looked at the buildings in a different light.

I can not say that this poem completely hit home 1.) because I am not from New York and never really saw the buildings personally and 2.) because I did not have any immediate family that lost their lives when the towers were brought down for good. I think that this was a cool poem and it said alot even though it was only a few verses long.

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The Adding Machine

When reading, "The Adding Machine" I felt bad for Mr. Zero. He was unappreciated and tortured by his wife every time he stepped into the house. For my paper I wrote how much Zero and Loman from , "Death of a Salesman" were similar in their attitudes and actions.

I gave some examples in my paper of how the two characters were alike. Here is one example: They have both been working at the same job for years and years and feel underappreciated. Willy went into his boss’s office and was not surprised when Howard refused to give him a raise, so he had different plan. He tried to convince Howard to give him a raise by expressing his deep love for the job. “And when I saw that, I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want. ’Cause what could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people?” Zero, on the other hand, does not believe what he is hearing when his boss is explaining how he is going to be replaced by an adding machine. “Excuse me, but would you mind sayin’ that again?” “Wait a minute, boss. Let me get this right. You mean I’m canned?” Zero did not expect it and was devastated. Both characters feel that they worked the hardest they could and did not understand why they were being let go. Neither character was able to take the news and did not feel that they could go home being a failure.

I think this was a good way to relate two stories that I previous read. They both showed how your actions can lead to hoprrible consequences.

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February 23, 2005

What is Love?

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is interpreted in many different ways. I'm going to tell you my opinion. I truly think Eliot is apologizing to the lady he thinks he loves. I think that he cheated on her and felt bad about it. Throughout the poem he is asking questions and trying to give many indirect comments to hide his infidelity. He describes women in this poem - talks abpout their hair and arms. He talks about resting their heads on his pillows in cheap hotels. He asks, "Would it have been worth it, after all...It is impossible just what I mean!" In the poem he talks about skirts trailing along the floor and taking off a shawl and then he says, "This is not it at all, That is not what I meant at all." And at the end of the poem he is asking what he can do to make it better. He feels that he loves the women he hurts and all he wants is to have her back. He hears everyone talking and he doesn't know what to do. He knows that she is not going to understand him, so at the end they drown which I think is judt his way of saying the both she be dead if they are not with eachother.

Now I know my version of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is probably a little bit different then yours, but you should just read the poem again and see all the details that I pointed out, it may not convince you but I def. know it will make you think! I had a good time reading this poem and I hopeyou did too.

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February 22, 2005

Every Action has a Reaction

When reading, "The Dynamo and the Virgin" I couldn't help but notice the time period it was written in. This was a perfect time to assign this text because I am presently in a Western Cultures and Traditions class and it relates to this time period and occassionaly people are brought up that are included in the text. For example, we are reviewing what we know about Copernicus and Galileo, which are people that this story mentions.

I think this shows us how in-depth people look at science and the inventions that they create. If it weren't for people like Copernicus and Galileo or Columbus where would we be today? I think it was a good connections that they made between science and religion, because we do not see that often. The line that I think contributed most to this story was "The force of the Virgin was still felt at Lourdes, and seemed to be a potent as X-rays; but in America neither Venus nor Virgin ever had value as force00 at most as sentiment. No American had ever truly been afraid of either." That sums up the whole reading right there.

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February 17, 2005

A Group of Decieving People

While reading, "The Great Gatsby” I had many feelings towards all of the main characters in the story. I honestly can't say that I think anyone was really themselves. Everyone adjusted their role according to who they were around or who they were talking to. If you look back it was very obvious within the first chapter - they all manipulated each other. The two women, Daisy and Jordan, were not able to make one decision on their own without asking questions or looking to one another for approval. No one was comfortable being themselves.

I think the main problem in this story was all the characters lacked the ability to communicate with one another. Daisy was only able to hold a conversation with someone when it was about an easy, light subject. When Jordan said, "Don't talk I want to hear what happens." It made me assume that she and Jordan did not have a very open friendship with one another if she had to eavesdrop on her "best friend." And what bothered me even more about Jordan was that she actually gossiped about Daisy and Tom to Nick. "You mean to say that you don't know? I thought everybody knew."

It seemed to me that Tom had some real issues in this story. Tom was definitely to people in this story also. He was a husband and a boyfriend to two different women. His actions show us that he was very untrusting and violent and had no respect for anyone. He actually had the nerve to be friends with George when he knew that he was involved with his wife. The only people that were present in Tom’s life were people that he knew he could control. He had full control of Daisy because he knew that she was aware that he was cheating and knew that she wasn’t going to leave him. He had full control over Wilson because Wilson needed his business. He had control over Myrtle, he would demand something and she would do it. “I want to see you. “Get on the next train.” He also had control over Nick. Nick said, “Though I was curious to see her, I had no desire to meet her-but I did. He literally forced me off the car.” Right now in the story everyone needed Tom. Daisy did not want a divorce and Myrtle wanted him as her boyfriend, Wilson depended on him for his business, and Nick had to be polite because it was Gatsby’s only way of getting in contact with Daisy.

The two main people that Nick manipulated were Jordan and Gatsby. At first he acted like he like Jordan but later on he came to admit he “wasn’t actually in love with her, he felt a sort of tender curiosity.” In the book he talks a lot about his thoughts, but never mentions it to the people it affects. He knew that Jordan was a liar and new that she only dated dumb guys who wouldn’t catch on to her tricks. I assume that is why she is dating Nick. She thinks he is dumb because he makes himself come across that way. They have this relationship that makes you think that they are somewhat together, but they aren’t. They did not have any true feelings; they did not trust one another. I think that they got together because they were going to be around each other and they decided it would be a good way to waste time. Nick’s relationship with Gatsby is very confusing, possibly the most confusing of them all. Nick knows when Gatsby is lying and never questions him. He just listens to Gatsby tell lie after lie. This is understandable, I guess, to a certain extent. The confusing part is that Nick is loyal to him. He likes Gatsby, he keeps him company and sticks up for him to people he hardly knows. When Gatsby is down he knows that Nick will always have something positive to say in response to help bring him back up. Nick cared bout how Gatsby felt. “You’re worth the whole damned bunch put together. I’ve always been glad I said that. It was the only compliment I ever gave him, because I disapproved of him from beginning to the end.” After Gatsby’s death Nick tries to do everything he can. He called, visited and wrote letters to people hoping that someone would attend the funeral. No one did and that is how Gatsby’s life ended.

Lastly, I’m going to talk about good old Gatsby. He had a way about him. People were constantly asking question about him and wondering where he came from. In the beginning I thought Gatsby had the life. He had money, parties with beautiful girls attending, and did exactly what he wanted. But unfortunately, I do not think that describes the life of Gatsby. I do not hate him- I pity him. He made his life what he thought everyone would like. He did not have a mind of his own. Clearly, he was just stuck in the past and could not get out of it. He lied from the beginning to the end. He lied to Daisy, Tom, and Nick. I don’t think he intentionally lied to hurt people. I think it just came naturally to him. Gatsby tried everything he could to get Daisy to leave Tom and be with him. It seems that would have made him content. Gatsby’s problems all began because his priorities were not in order. He put Daisy first and Daisy put him last. There was nothing good that came out of their relationship except for tragedy. Whether or not you like Gatsby doesn’t change that fact that he cared deeply about her and she turned his back on him. He saw something in her, obviously something that her husband did not. In the end, I don’t think that Gatsby’s death changed the story that much because he would have been dead either way. He finally lost Daisy forever and that was all it seemed that he was living for.

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February 1, 2005

What a Trio

I couldn't help but notice all of the similiarities between "The Adding Machine" and a book I previously read "Death of a Salesman". I don't want to say too much because I have to save my ideas for the paper I'm writing! I think "The Adding Machine" was an easy play to read. I enjoyed it - it was very fast paced. Rice didn't waste time by putting lines in that were useless. I like the way that Ricegave very specific details during the play it made me feel like I really could picture what was happening.

For a different class I had to read both, "Bernice Bob's Her Hair" and "A Jury of Her Peers." But I did not see the movie before last Thursday's class. I enjoyed the movie but I think that story had more excitement and I felt like I knew more about all the characters after reading the story. "A Jury of her Peers" was also a good story because it as full of action. I liked all the details and I liked that there were many charcters in the story.

I liked all of the outcomes of the stories we were required to read. I think they were interesting and a good way to start off this class : )

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