November 30, 2005

Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman started out portraying Willy's life indirectly. It told history and I was able to get a vivid picture of the life that Willy had and continued to live.

Willy has been working at the same job for years and years and feels underappreciated. Willy went into his bossís office and was not surprised when Howard refused to give him a raise, so he had different plan. He tried to convince Howard to give him a raise by expressing his deep love for the job. ďAnd when I saw that, I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want. íCause what could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people?Ē

I feel that at this time in the story Will was desperate and hopeless. He tried to do everything that he could and it was not enough. Willyís wife accepts the fact that her husband is not making the money that he used to and wants him to realize that it is alright to admit that his sellingís are not going as well as they used to.

Willy is definetly portrayed as a family man. This story opened my eyes to how much pressure a family, job, and etc. can put on a person. In the end, Willy became irrational and gave up on his life. Unfortunately, he got a stuck in a moment that they could not get out of. It taught a valuable lesson Ė tomorrowís another day.

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November 29, 2005

Blogging Portfolio 3


For my coverage requirement I chose to include my entries: Fences,Some Answers, and The character of Doctor B. I think that I put alot of work into trying to prove my point, especially my entries about Doctor B.

To cover my depth entries I am going to include my blogs aboutDoctor B.: Some Answers? and The Character of Doctor B. I can not explain why I liked the story some much but while I was reading it, it was like I became obsessed with him. I wanted to stand up for hima nd felt like he was a real character! Those entries are probably the only two stories where I have so much passion and opinion about the subject.


Well, many times I write blog entries and do not get comments back, which does not bother but when I go to do my blogging portfolio it makes this requirement pretty hard to do. I did write A Man of All Seasons, which did not include much detail rather then it was easy to understand because I was taking courses where we were talking about More at the same time. I also would like to include Fences because I am going to be basing my term paper off of this story.


To satisfy my timeliness requirement I posted about "Death of a Salesman", which is not due until December 5, 2005. My classmates will have enough time to look at my feeling and thought on how Miller portrayed Willy Loman.


While reading Professor B. there were many questions that people had asked and I helped to answer them. One of the main questions was why the priest was forbidden to go into the patients' room. I posted on DenaMarie's Blog the reasons which I thought were very clear. I also contributed to a question that Amanda had while reading POrofessor B. At times, I'm not interested in what someone's thoughts but when I commented to my classmates about Doctor B. I really tried my best to help them understand what was going on.


Writing a "wildcard" entry is usually my favorite blog to write because I have the ability to write about anything I want and anything that interests me. For this entry I chose to write about the recent killings in the United States, primarily Philadelphia. I think that I brought up important topics and I actually hope that someone reads it and understand what I am trying to say.

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I am a very negative person and although I would like to think differently my mind focuses on the dark side of the situation. So as you might have guessed this blog evtry is also going to focus on something negative.

Recently, there were amany killings, like always, in Philadelphia. But one story published in the Phildelphia Daily News captured my attention. It stated that a young man, Terrell Pough, was shot - execution style. Just in Philadelphia alone, he was the 346 victim that was killed this year.

Whoever shot Terrell was a person who had nothing to live for which is the scariest part of this preventable crime. If someone asked me why I think that there is so much crime, especially in the inner cities I would give this simple answer: lack of education. THe Philadelphia Daily News had an article saying that approximately 350-400 people attended Terrell's sadness along with different emotions. They should take Terrell's death as an example and see that the world has more to offer than just crime. I know that its hard to try and explain to a bunch of tough, untrusting teenagers that there is a world out there that is not that bad and actually "liveable."

I recently had a conversation with my friend Rob and said how great life would be if everyone lived life like a concert. He alaughed and anxiously agreed, "Yeah, I know: Hugs not Drugs." I just wish we could open up their eyes and make them see that they are caught in a daily cycle of crime and killings but life does have something to offer them. They might have to work harder because the odds are against the, but they csn do it. They just have to try.

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November 16, 2005

The Character of Doctor B

Schnitzler, Professor Bernhardi (Finish) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Bernh: Do I understand you aright? You admit that I did absolutely the right thingóthat I could not have done otherwise?

Priest: That, as a doctor, you could not have done otherwise.

During the conversation between Doctor B and the Priest it seemed that the priest was going there to clear up any tension there was between him and Doctor B. It seemed like the priest wanted to clear his conscience and make peace with Doctor B. And Doctor B. seemed like he did not want to hear what the priest had to say.

I think that in Act Four, Doctor Bís character shone through. It was clear that the priest lied about being shoved and he had made some nasty comments to Doctor B. and through it all Doctor B. still treated the priest with respect and definitely stood up for himself. Doctor B. did not care what anyone thought and stuck to his ground throughout all four scenes. He expressed his feelings truthfully and even had the decency to resign from being the President because his decision was causing so much controversy.

I believe that it was because of Doctor Bís strong character that he had so many people fighting for his justice. He never tried to prove his case to anyone; everyone came to him and voted that his actions were justifiable and he should be looked up too because as doctors that is how every single one of them should have acted.

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November 15, 2005

Some Answers?

Schnitzler, Professor Bernardhi Acts 1-3 -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Ok well to start off, I looked over my peers blogs and saw many unanswered questions. The most repetative question was: Why didn't Doctor B. let the priest in to give the girl her last rites? While I read that, I wasn't confused because the doctor explained exactly why he forbid him to enter the girls room.

Doctor B "Must I repeat it once more, your Reverence? The patient does not know the end is near. She is gay, happy, and - unrepentant." According to Doctor B he was looking out for the girls health. They both had their viewpoints, which makes it hard to say if someone was right or wrong. But as soon as the Sister goes in the room to tell the girl that the priest was there, she went into shock and died, which supports Doctor B's thinking.

In Act One, the priest was only present during two pages of the act. Although he only had 19 lines, I grew to dislike him by the time he left. My main reason is because:
-Priests are not suppossed to judge, which is exactly what he did.
"A happy death ... It is possible, Professor, that this conveys different meanings to our minds. And from what your sister has told me, it appears that this pateint is in greater need of Absolution than many another." (15)

There was no reason for the priest to make assumptions about the life that the dying girl lead nor is it right to assume that she died a sinner. It was not the girls wish to see the priest so she would be able to repent, but I believe that it was the Sister's idea. Like I commented on Denamarie's Blog, we have to remember that we have no information about this girl up to this point. All that we know is that she is dying. We do not know if she is religious and wanted to repent before her death or if she was let's say an aetheist who does not have any religious beliefs. The priest appearance could have made her very upset that they had the nerve to bring a priest in so she wouldn't die a sinner. I would be upset if someone did that to me.

The fact is, that I think it was nice of the Sister to call the priest, because it could not have hurt that much, but overall she had no right in doing so. The dying girl did not ask for repentance and she should not have assummed that it would be helpful just because of her beliefs. I am on Doctor B's side so far.

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November 12, 2005


Rose: He ainít talking about making no living playing football. Itís just something boys in school do. They gonna send a recruiter by to talk to you. Heíll tell you he ainít talking about making no living playing football. Itís an honor to be recruited.

Troy: It ainít gonna get him nowhere. Bonoíll tell you that.

I chose this passage above because I think that it relates to Wilsonís life indefinitely. He was in the 1940ís which means that he was raised by parents who were brought up in the 1910ís or 1920ís. Both, he and his parents, lived in a time where education was not a necessity. People did not know how valuable education was and there were many decent jobs being offered if you had your high school diploma.
Also, Wilson was of a mixed race, and was brought up in a predominately black area. He focused on that and this story, like many others, focuses on black and white issues. It is hard to say exactly how black people felt during this time and I do not know if the tension between the races was so widespread. This play faces many difficult issues that are not brought up regularly today. For instance, many stories no longer call black people ďniggersĒ but refer to them as colored or black.

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November 09, 2005

A Man For All Seasons

Bolt, A Man for All Seasons -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Act One of "A Man for all Seasons" directly relates with the other classes that I am currently taking. Because of this I did not have to go back and research the time period because it was all refreshed in my mind.

I liked this play because even though it told a story about facts it still had a storyline to it, which made it somewhat interesting. I;m excited to see what Act Two has in store for us to read about.

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November 07, 2005

Security in America

At times, I feel extremely safe in America, but other times, I feel very vulnerable to danger. I feel that we have enough problems to worry about in America. For instance: terrorists, drugs, gas prices and so on. What adds to the fire is that we have criminals roaming around our streets. Now I understand that there will always be crime and it is impossible to solve all of the unsolved cases in America, but when we happen to catch these criminals we should be smart enough to keep them incarcerated. Over the past year there have been cases as to where the inmate escaped one way or the other. The most recent escapee, Charles Victor Thompson, actually was able to walk out of his prison home. Other cases, which are too many to mention, also have managed to escape from secure prisions. If you are interested you can find more information at: Prisioners Escaped.

I think that America really needs to tighten up security not only from terrorists, but from dangerous Americans. People need to do their jobs because there no excuse for prisioners to escape. The employees should know the jail better than the prisoners and they should take precautions to prevent any type of escape route that a prisioner would be able to come up with.

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November 06, 2005

Blogging Portfolio 2


To satisy my coverage requirement I chose to include my article, "Different Opinions." In this article, I gave my opinion and gave my opinion of what the text meant. I think that I had contributed interesting ideas for my peers to consider thinking about and apply it to the text. I would also like to include my article, "Fuddy Meers." In this article I had explained that I had a sneek peek of a play that we were required to watch in a few weeks. I think that I made my classmates look forward to watching the play because I was able to view it and said that it looked fantastic.


To satisfy my depth entry I chose to include my article on Dead Man Walking. I titled it, "Justice is Served" because I truly felt that Matthew got everything that he deserved regardless of his change of heart towards the end of his life. I felt strong about this book because it affected my emotions, which is not common. I think that this book was a very spirtual book and it brought up many life changing topics.


One of the few blogs that I have written and actually sparked a discussion was about the play, "Sure Things." I think that I had made good points concerning the play and my classmates agreed with my opinion. On my blog I wrote an article titled, "Hamlet" and it did not spark much conversation, but it did spark a conversation in class because I mentioned it to my classmates in case they did not get a chance to read it. I think that it made my classmates look at the story in a different perception.


I would say that they the most interaction that I had with my classmates that I had responded too. I wrote pretty in-depth articles that contributed to the way that my peers felt and viewed the plays that we have read. For instance, I contributed to Kevin, Danielle, and Andrew's blog entries. I also quoted Andrew's blog entry, "Mothers." I used it in the reflection paper that I did and it sparked a discussion in the class.

Comment Grande - When Kevin wrote, "What should she expect," he asked many questions, which all were based on the opinion of other people. I offered Kevin my opinion and tried to understand his claim as much as possible.

Comment Primo - Andrew had posted a blog about Amanda's chracter, which I politely disagreed with. I understood the feelings that Andrew had towada Amanda, but I felt that he was not looking at the feelings of Amanda. I explained that he should try to put himself in her shoes and try to understand that it had to be hard for Amanda because she has no control over her own life.

Comment Informative- Danielle had posted an article, which I was very interested in. It was about athletes and academics and the article that she had quoted was extremely biased. I did some research and helped Danielle support her claim.


For my Wildcard entry I chose to write about Prisioners escaping from jail. I found this topic interesting because of the recent prison break by Thompson. Because Thompson was able to escape from prison and make security look exteremly weak I hope that America realizes that we have to tighten up security in order to keep innocent people safe.

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