February 04, 2006

Book of Daniel

I must say that I am very, very upset that The Book of Daniel has e=been cancelled after only three episodes. Even before the show aired it caused much controversy and I when the first episode finally aired, I was shocked. The Book of Daniel was fantastic. It showed "realness" in its episodes. Yes, it was a little wierd when watching it but it slowly became something that I could relate to.

The priest, Daniel, is addicted to pain killers. The mother, Judith, is somewhat of an alcholic. Grace, the youngest child and only daughter, was caught selling drugs. Peter, the oldest son, is a homosexual. Adam, an adopted son, is in a relationship which is forbidden and is engaging in sexual intercourse. So after all that, it sounds pretty bad huh? But there actions can somewhat be justified, continue reading:

Daniel has frequent conversations and visits with Jesus. Jesus is very aware of Daniel's drug use and never tries to force him to stop or tell him what to do. Jesus' role is somewhat like Peter's conscience. Judith is housewife and is mourning the loss of her son. In every episode she seems to be faced with many problems and drinks frequently. Grace only sold drugs to get enough money to purchase computer programs to satisfy her addiction to Japanese animation. Adam was forbidden to see his love interest because he was Asian, which seemed like a horrible excuse to give to anyone so he did not listen.

The bottom line is that Jesus was portrayed perfectly. It helped me understand my faith more because it shows exactly how Jesus would feel and his thoughts at times. For example, when the Bishop found a condom in her car and told Daniel it was Peters Jesus said soemthing like, "Don't be too hard on him. He's a good kid." Jesus said that about a homosexual who had intercourse with a heterosexual?? Which is exactly something that I think Jesus would say. I see nothing wrong with the content of the show. Is it different? Definetly, but it has a good cause. It shows a real life family going through real life problems.

I loved the show and after watching the first three episodes it made me feel stronger in my faith. I just got done watching Episode Four on the computer and it was even better then the first three. Its a shame that society is missing out on suvh true and real sitautions and issues.

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