March 13, 2006

Relax--Everything is Not about RACE


A letter written to the Philadelphia Daily News by Linda S. Wallace suggested that the women appearing to be the parent in Philadelphia was African American, which I do not see a resemblance between the women and an African American at all.

Linda said, "The woman portrayed as the Philadelphian appeared to be African-American. Suggesting that all blacks use or sell drugs is a bit like suggesting that all conservatives are high school dropouts. While it may be true for some, the vast majority do not fall into that category, and it is unfair to pin the label on the entire group." In my opinion Linda missed the POINT of this illustration. It doesn't make a difference what race the women was it was the point that both the woman and child looked strung out on drugs--bottom line.

Everyone complains that we need to feel equal but this woman outcasted her own race, when that was not even the subject. There is a serious problem when people are so paranoid that they create "discriminations" when there are none.

My advice to you Linda would be that Signe was not trying to stereotype African America mothers who live in Philadelphia, but to make people well aware that parents are creating dangerous enviornment for their children, which is a serious problem. Relax Linda--this isn't about race. I'm sure you'll pull the race card again in the future, but make sure it applies.

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