October 31, 2007

Make Criminals Accept Responsibilty

When I began sending out resumes, I was determined to stay as far away from Philadelphia as possible. I wanted to stay in the Pittsburgh/Greensburg area. I loved Philadelphia but living in Greensburg for four opened my eyes to many negative things that occur in Philadelphia, especially crime. Unfortunately, Philadelphia is a much bigger city than Pittsburgh and a lot easier to find employment. Now, that I am back in Philadelphia I am once again beginning to become numb to exactly how dangerous our city is and will continue to be for a very long time. I am not going to provide links in this blog because if you do a simple google search, all of my statements can be supported with articles that were published in the Philadelphia local newspapers.

Today, something very tragic happened in Philadelphia. A police officer was shot in the head and is currently listed in "extremely critical condition". During the year, Philly cops have shot and killed some people in the Philadelphia area and most of the suspects families blamed the cops. They claim, "He was just a boy, just a kid." Do they realize that is is those "kids" that are making our city dangerous? Do they know that that "boy" is not listening to the police when they tell him to pull over/drop the car/put down the knife?" Do they realize that it is those "kids" that is making the police officer feel that their lives and our lives are in danger everyday?

Our "GREAT" mayor, John Street, has no plan; he's the worst thing that ever happened to Philly. Listen to his new conferences, he continues to state the same thing: "there are too many guns, we need more gun laws." Street, get over it. Getting a law passed, is not helping! We need a plan NOW. There are other people, such as, Reverend Al Sharpton. Sharpton only comments on the crime in Philadelphia when it involves a white person harming a black person. He does not comment on the crime in Philly. He does not try to make the people of Philadelphia united, he continues to divide the community. Also, I would like to know, why black people claim that white people are the racists? The black community are the people that call for "10,000 black men to patrol the streets of Philly". If anything, it sounds like they are excluding whites from helping out or supported any project that they organize. I'm sure Al Sharpton is proud : )

Our murder rate is so high, our focus should be to stop ALL murders. Statistics in Philadelphia show that African American males (18-24) commit the most murders against other black males. It is not whites shooting blacks and vice versa. People need to quit making excuses and realize that our city is not safe, regardless of our color.

The bottom line is, Philadelphia murder rate is going to have many negative impacts on the city. For example, I am beginning to send resumes to other parts of the state; I want to get as far away from this corrupted, crime-filled, racist city that I can. I want to live in an environment where I can actually see the front of someone's house without it being surrounded by metal bars/cages. I want to be able to smile at the person walking down the street, without worrying about if he's going to try to mug/rape me. I want to enjoy life, not fear it.

One look at Philadelphia's high school drop-out rate will make people all over the world realize why Philadelphia is in a crime emergency. People are not educated; they don't realized the there is life outside of the city. They don't care if they die because they have nothing to live for. They do not respect themselves so I don't know why we expect they to respect others, especially authority. Don't you know...Cops are out to get them? The white cops want to shoot the black teenagers, isn't that right Rev. Sharpton? Ah...now I see clearly, Philadelphia's problem is racism, which is why 85% of the murders are blacks killing blacks. Sharpton, if you care so much about the black community, why don't you focus on all of the murders that they are commiting against their own race? Why don't you make them feel like their live is valuable?

Silly me, I understand you want to take the easy way out, who doesn't? Thanks Sharpton, your teaching US all a great lesson...Don't take responsibilty for your actions, blame it on someone else or some other underlining cause. I'm glad we had this conversation... Now, I have to go and make sure that all 3 of the locks on my doors and locked and the alarm is on... I love Philadelphia! Let's hope that I am, and the people I love, are the ones that make it out alive : )

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