A Woman Misunderstood

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I really enjoyed this story, mainly for two reasons. While I read the story it seemed that this woman was too much into her head and had serious mental health issues. Yet, the more I continued to read and see her interaction with her husband it totally changed my perspective. It is easy to confuse this story with a woman who is obsessive and childlike, but I noticed a really odd relationship with her husband. They way that he talks to her is so weird! I think the author might be trying to make a point about the relationships married couples had at the the time. For instance, she wakes up in the middle of the night and he asks, "what is it little girl?" To me this was a complete red flag because why on earth would he refer to her as a little girl?? From that moment I realized that she was not quite trapped in her own mind, but she was trapped in the confinement of her husband. Her husband treated her like a child and didn't appreciate any self expression. It was as if Jennie was her nanny/baby sitter, reporting her nap times. I liked this story because it gives the vibe that it could be a creepy Faulkner-esque type story, but instead i think it takes a jab at the institution of marriage.


Jennifer Prex said:

It makes sense. They did seem to have a very odd relationship. It also did seem to be her husband who kept her there. She didn't like it there--she wanted to take the wallpaper down, but he wouldn't let her.

As a side note, I wonder if the "little girl" comment could also indicate that there's a significant age difference.

Gladys Mares said:

I see what you mean about the age difference, but I think that if he married her he shouldn't of been as condescending. I think it's even stranger that there was a age difference and he acknowledged this by treating her childlike. This didn't seem like normal behavior for a married couple. So I agree with you, they did have a very odd relationship.

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