Arrogant or Brilliant or Hippie?

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Chapter 13 was really interesting because Thoreau made a lot of really good social commentary. Also, He seems to constantly take jabs at people who live in the city. Thoreau spends a lot of time describing the berries and how their colors and smells are so great, but will eventually be sold for cheap and turned in to jam. He seems to really disapprove of city life. However, I think that even thought he makes really good observations, he seems a bit arrogant. He talks about the wasps finding his house a desirable shelter and how his house pleased his eyes after it was plastered. I think he often borders being proud to be independent and self sufficient and being full of it.

The conclusion to this really summed up the messages he had been sending throughout the chapters. He reminds me of a hippie who lives from the land or "bone" and questions "why we should be in such desperate haste to succeed and in such desperate enterprises?" I think he really wishes people could rearrange their priorities. I still get a sense of him being arrogant, especially when he mocks medicine in the beginning of the chapter, but I think he makes really great observations.

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