Good Night Childhood, God Morning Maturity

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I thought our class room discussion on Monday really helped me take another approach towards this play. I think that knowing the real stories behind these Disney fairy tales helped me look at this play differently because I had to remember all is not what it seems. I think Shakespeare wrote about these character's one way, and MacDonald went ahead and took a whole new perspective. I think she gave the characters depth and personality quirks. Next time I read Shakespeare I will remember to take on a more mature approach and remember to look deeper.


I totally agree. I think this opened all our eyes to see that what we grew up watching and loving is really something that kids prbably shouldnt even be watching. They see this perfect girl who has her prince come right to her. It shows the children that its simple, and that you're supposed to be perfect. I think the only good thing about the kids watching them is that they dont understand the seriousness or the truth behind it, so we can let it go for now!

Brooke Kuehn said:

I dont think it is necessarily bad for kids to watch disney, but there is definitly emphasis on perfection that many kids dont have. Also, all this talk about the "truth" behind disney stories reminds me of all the subliminal messages in the movies. For instance, in The Little Mermaid, if you crank up the volume during the balcony scene you can hear a mans voice say "Take your clothes off". Also, the priest during the wedding scene has an erection when the couple reaches the alter. Another one is in The Lion King where the clouds form the word sex. It kind of makes the creators seem pretty preverted. Could these subliminal messages affect children? Is it bad for kids to watch classic disney movies? I dont know but maybe newer movies should be made to show the heroes as less perfect and more average. There are so many more sublimnal messages in disney movies, just type it in youtube and you'll see, or check out this link:
i dont think that link worked but you could just copy and paste if you have to.

Gladys Mares said:

I have seen this video and I definitely agree that there were some angry animators out there. However, I think older Disney movies create a unrealistic perspective of the world. Yet, I think kids now days are exposed to so much worse than the subliminal messages in those movies. Nothing on t.v is honestly good anymore.

Brooke Kuehn said:

Yeah i have to agree there. At least the messages in the disney movies were subliminal. I mean the kids probably never noticed anything odd. If they did, well then thats pretty sad that a child would actually understand something so preverted. I have seen ads for girls gone wild on regular television and i think it was only like 11 at night. What if a child saw that?? I mean sex sells right? TV stations are all over that and unfortuantly kids will most likely see it. If i had to choose between showing a child disney movies all day or regular tv, i would choose disney. But i would much rather just give my child a football or take him/her to a playground to play.

Gladys Mares said:

I agree Brook, regardless of how twisted Disney can be, I think television and the media are way worse. Eventually kids will become exposed to more than they need to, but like you...when I have kids, they're staying active outdoors lol.

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