Im King of The World

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After Reading chapter 2 I shared Thoreau's sense of independence and empowerment. I was excited for him. He has a lot of significant references to things like the Fourth of July and Olympus which bring on a sense of pride and starting fresh and new. I think this chapter was about what life is worth. He mentions living free of commitment and depicts nature in such a refreshing way.

Chapter 4 was really eye opening. I think he makes good points about the way people learn. "Will you be a reader, a student merely, or a seer?" I think this brings the question of is it better to live and learn? Or can you read a lot of books and gain the sam experience? He uses many words like "sunny" and "pines and hickories" which make me feel like he constantly observing nature around him and learns through this. Which brings me to how he makes an interesting observation about commerce. He says, "Here come your groceries, country; your rations countrymen! Nor is there any man so independent on his farm he can them nay." Although he thinks the men who work for the railroads are great, he questions the level of independence of people. Can they still continue to be resourceful?

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